Surprised by the Spirit

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I grew up singing and praying in a number of different Baptist, Salvation Army, and (primarily) Pentecostal churches. Each church was unique in how they worshiped God, and each had distinct perspectives regarding what it meant to experience the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit worked. The first time that I remember having a real experience of the Holy Spirit was in Greenwood, in a modest Pentecostal church with brick and white siding and gravel in the parking lot. This is where the Spirit called me to put my faith in God. I was nine years old. I sat in [...]

Does the Church need Pastors or “Leaders”?

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"Leadership" seems like a buzz word among Christians these days. Between the newness of the study of "leadership,"[1] and the fact that there is nothing inherently Christian about "leadership," some Christians express concern that the emphasis on leadership makes churches unknowingly bring secular business theories (by which they mean anti-Christian theories) into the church. One might also argue that the Bible talks more about "pastors" than "leaders" or "leadership." In actual fact, however, in most English translations of the Bible, the word "leader" in its various forms occurs many times, whereas the word "pastor" is only found once (Ephesians 4:11). Yeah... [...]

Let the Students Know

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With 2022 well underway, many students are still trying to figure out what path to pursue after high-school graduation. You may be a student yourself. I get it. It's exciting... and sometimes it's overwhelming. Perhaps you are a pastor, leader, parent– someone uniquely positioned to encourage a student. You hold a valuable opportunity here. Thank you for being a support! Either way, I think that the following information will be helpful to you. Being up-to-date on what is actually available in the education world is pretty important in the decision-making process. Christian studies or career studies? How about... [...]

What Have You Got to Lose?

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Christian education is more than it used to be. In the olden days – like 20 years ago 😊 – Christians routinely spent a year or more at Bible college after high school. Nowadays, that's become a lot less common. On the one hand, there's been increasing pressure felt to get on with studies that lead directly into the workplace. On the other hand, however, research shows repeatedly that students who take Christian higher education after high school are significantly more likely to keep their Christian faith and to stay engaged in the church.1 Why is Christian higher education [...]

Who Cares if Jesus is God?

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The Bible teaches that Jesus really is God. Dr. Jeromey Martini explores the ways in which this shaped early Christians and what difference it should make for us, today. (Original message delivered at Lloydminster Gospel Fellowship Church) Listen to the full message What difference does it make if Jesus is God? I'm working with the assumption that you're at least aware that, by and large, Christians hold that "Jesus is God." That's probably not going to be new to you, although you may not know exactly how that all fits together. Many people don't. Read [...]

Is Jesus really God?

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President Dr. Jeromey Martini examines the biblical teaching that Jesus is God and how this shaped early Christians. In the next article, explore what difference this should make for us, today. (Original message delivered at Lloydminster Gospel Fellowship Church) Listen to the full message Three 1's and a 2 "If I want to find out if Jesus is God in the Bible, where do I look?" Here is a quick cheat-sheet. The three 1's are John 1, Colossians 1, and Hebrews 1. The 2 is Phillipians 2. "In the beginning was the [...]

Searching for Sunshine Part 2

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Facing the Darkness of Grief and Loss Continued from Searching for Sunshine, Part I Heart hurting? Missing someone you love? Last time I shared the story of Gerald, a man who lost the people he loved most in this world to a terrible accident. He gave us a courageous charge in the face of loss: head into the darkness until you reach the sunshine – it's there – on the other side of the deep, dark valley of grief. Keep going. Oh, and don't forget to hold tightly to the hand of Jesus – He [...]

Searching for Sunshine

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Facing the Darkness of Grief and Loss If you've lived very long in this world, you have likely experienced the searing pain of loss and the resulting blanket of grief that descends with it. Some losses are minor and come to us through annoying circumstances: losing our keys, misplacing our phone, etc. Other losses are life-altering and strike deep in our hearts: a beloved pet needing to be put down, the end of a love relationship, or the death of a loved one. These types of losses can leave us reeling and wondering if we will ever feel happy [...]

It’s Good For You

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Think of the last time you had a really, really good laugh. Proverbs 17:22 says a merry heart is good medicine. Is this merely a "spoon full of sugar", or is there actual scientific evidence to support this metaphor? Why, yes! Otherwise this would be a very short article. Recent research demonstrates that when we laugh, our immune system is strengthened, our mood is boosted, pain levels diminish, and stress levels decrease. 1 Sounds like good medicine to me! Here are just a few more of the positive benefits of having a good belly laugh: [...]

Surprised by the Spirit, Part III

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Continued from Surprised by the Spirit, Part II Listen to the full message Back to my life story... After high school I went to a Christian college and I had a bit of a pendulum swing at this time – great college, great people, loved the Lord, loved the Spirit, taught me about following the Spirit and so forth – but somewhere during my four years of college, I lost that sense of enchantment regarding the Spirit. I could say I learned to be more discerning, or I began to think more critically about the Spirit, [...]

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