Institutional Effectiveness

Our Mission: Horizon College & Seminary exists to advance God’s Kingdom by preparing competent Christian leaders for Spirit-empowered life and ministry.

Horizon fulfills its mission through the following

Four Institutional Goals

1. To advance God’s kingdom by operating an effective Christian leadership College and Seminary—provide and operate primarily at Saskatoon, in the Province of SK, a College and Seminary and facilities for the education and training of men and women for pastoral ministry, global missions work, and other forms of Christian leadership, service and witness.

Recognized for Quality

Accreditations & Affiliations

“Overall very satisfied, the school is meeting expectations and quality of instruction is excellent! – and I am meeting the educational goals I came in with and appreciate the academic standards. I appreciate the care for students and the genuine walk with Christ that staff and instructors exemplify.”

– 2022 Student Satisfaction Survey Comment

Student-Instructor Ratio

9.2 to 1

Meet our People

“All of the staff and faculty have been SO good to me. I recommend Horizon to friends all the time.”

– 2022 Student Satisfaction Survey Comment

Retention Rate

81% for College Students
83% for Seminary Students

Canadian Institutions reported by ABHE

High Overall Student Satisfaction

(%) Students who are satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience:

(%) Students whose experience was better to much better than expected:

Our student satisfaction rates with faculty and staff rank higher than other Canadian 4-year private institutions.*

*National survey conducted in 2022 by RNL

Faculty care about me as an individual.

Horizon 93%
Other Institutions 78%

The campus staff are caring and helpful.

Horizon 97%
Other Institutions 84%

Students feel welcome on campus.

Horizon 92%
Other Institutions 76%

Administrators are approachable.

Horizon 97%
Other Institutions 75%

Nearly all faculty are knowledgeable in their field.

Horizon 97%
Other Institutions 88%

I am able to experience intellectual growth here.

Horizon 97%
Other Institutions 82%


of Horizon students engage in Distance Education (DE)


of Horizon’s DE students indicated that they’re satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience at Horizon.


of Video-on-Demand students affirmed, “I feel I learned just as much through my VOD course as I would have if I had attended class live.”

“I have done a few distance courses with other institutions and Horizon’s is by far the best. Though I am on the other side of the country I don’t feel fully disconnected.”

*Data and comments from the 2022 Video on Demand Survey and the 2022 Student Satisfaction Survey conducted by RNL.

A New Campus in 2021

96% of students agree,

“On the whole, the campus is well-maintained.”

(Compared to National Average of 76%)

About our Campus

2. To advance God’s kingdom by educating students for Spirit-empowered Christian life and ministry—educate students to grow in Christ-like character, to be prepared for credentialed ministry, and to be salt and light in the church and society.


“The quality of instruction I receive in most of my classes is excellent.”

(Compared to National Average of 75%)


“The culture of HCS inspires lifelong devotion to God’s Word, prayer, fellowship and service excellent.”


“I am adequately equipped to be Christ’s ambassador in the home, marketplace and church.”


I am gaining skills to interpret and communicate the Bible.”


“My education has taught me adequate critical thinking skills to apply a Christian worldview to a wide range of life contexts.”


“Academic support services adequately meet the needs of students.”

(Compared to National Average of 70%)

Student Learning Objectives


Assessment Plans for Student Learning Objectives

College Assessment Plan
Seminary Assessment Plan

Assessment Results: Student Learning Outcomes

College Assessment Results
Seminary Results Forthcoming…

3. To advance God’s kingdom by building multi-denominational relationships—secure co-operation of all persons, churches, and other ministries within the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Church of God in Western Canada, Mennonite Brethren, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, and other like-minded denominations, for the purpose of making the work of Horizon College and Seminary effective.

Horizon continues to partner with multiple denominations.

Denominational Partners

4. To advance God’s kingdom by graduating competent students for life and ministry—award undergraduate and graduate certificates, diplomas, and degrees which may be deemed necessary or useful for carrying into effect the objects and purposes of the Corporation.

Graduation Rates
(ABHE considers 25% to be acceptable)

62% of College Students (average, within 8 years)

Seminary TBD Spring 2024

Employment Rates

85% for College Students
(within 1 year from graduation)

100% for Seminary Students

Retention Rates

81% for College Students

83% for Seminary Students

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Examples of Horizon’s Student ePortfolios

Portfolium Profiles

Portfolium is a digital portfolio and social networking platform for students and alumni of Horizon College & Seminary.