Throughout our 80+ years, Horizon’s influence has touched the lives of countless millions in service to God’s Kingdom.

Horizon succeeds because of partners like YOU.

Partner with Us

Our graduates actively advance God’s Kingdom all over the world – from establishing orphanages in Peru to working with Winnipeg’s disadvantaged, from pastoring churches, small and large, to serving in the public and private sectors. The Apostle Paul depended on the financial partnership of his congregations to advance his gospel. In the same way, Horizon depends on financial partnership from people like YOU today. We welcome and value your support.

This is your invitation to participate in Horizon’s mission to advance God’s Kingdom by preparing competent Christian leaders for Spirit-empowered life and ministry.

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Why Sponsor Horizon?

You’ll make an enduring Kingdom impact.

At the heart of every effective cause, ministry, or outreach is a leader who leads it. Horizon prepares competent Christian leaders who are advancing God’s Kingdom in every conceivable arena – through Christian ministries, justice movements, and social care, in the church, the parachurch, and the marketplace, both locally and globally. These leaders make an impact that lasts for generations. Your support makes that enduring impact possible.

You’ll get connected with Horizon’s network

Horizon is a hub for Saskatoon and area churches and is an official partner with the Christian & Missionary Alliance, the Church of God in Western Canada, the Mennonite Brethren, and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, as well as unofficially connected with multiple other churches and denominations. This networks Horizon with thousands of like-minded believers on the prairies and beyond who will see and appreciate your sponsorship.

More Giving Initiatives

Double Your Donation

Horizon is thrilled to be one of the charities recognized through BarterPay’s charitable foundation. The BarterPay Foundation matches every dollar Horizon spends, meaning that every designated dollar is DOUBLED.

BarterPay offers a growing number of goods and services essential to Horizon’s operation – everything from furniture and carpet, to tree-trimming, to catering for our guests and students. Importantly, using BarterPay goods and services for our day-to-day business saves us money and frees up cash flow.

Donate today – and double your investment!

Donate a Car

Donate A Car now accepts vehicle donations for Horizon College & Seminary! To donate a vehicle (car, truck, RV, motorbike, boat, etc.) simply complete and submit your information in the DONATE tab on their website.

Donate A Car can arrange to pick up or have your vehicle towed, or you can drop it off to maximize your donation – at no cost to you or the college! A representative will contact you after you submit your information to confirm the appropriate processing method of either recycling or auction depending on the age, condition, and location of the vehicle. Donate A Car will take care of all the details and will send you a tax receipt once your donation is complete.

Legacy Investments: Safeguard the Future

As Horizon prepares Christian leaders for the work of the Kingdom today, there are various ways to partner with us to help safeguard our mission for tomorrow.

Endow a Fund

Minimum contribution: $10,000.00
Goal: $500,000.00

Look to the future by endowing a fund of $10,000.00 or more. The interest from endowments can be applied to paying faculty salaries, increasing student scholarships, and helping to keep tuition costs low. Endowments can be established in honour or memory of loved ones.

Bequests and Life Insurance

The Psalmist acknowledges that mortals are but a breath; our days are like fleeting shadows (Psalm 144:4). The Kingdom of God, however, is an eternal Kingdom. Horizon is committed to continuing our Kingdom service long after all of us are gone. As you support Horizon in your lifetime, consider also including Horizon within the charitable portion of your will. Additionally, consider naming Horizon as a co-beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Your initial life-insurance investment need not be large to make a significant financial contribution to this ministry.

RRSP and RRIF Beneficiary

Name Horizon as a beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF. In addition to benefiting you through tax breaks, this small financial investment planted today yields many times the financial fruit for Horizon tomorrow.

Please contact us for more information about making these arrangements.

Sponsor a Student

Recommended contribution: $960 – $10,700
Every year, God calls students to study and prepare for a lifetime of service in His Kingdom. Many of these students lack sufficient means to support their education fully. Designate money to Student Assistance to help a student with a course or year of study:

  • $960 covers the cost of tuition and fees for one college course;
  • $10,700 covers the cost of tuition (34 cr hrs) and fees for the first year of college;
  • $1078 covers the cost of tuition and fees for one seminary course.

Please note: For donations to student assistance, we do not issue tax deductible receipts to parties eligible to benefit from the receiving student’s T2202 Tuition & Enrolment Certificate. This includes parents, grandparents, spouses as well as the parents and grandparents of the student’s spouse.

Contact us to learn more or to begin sponsoring!

Create a Scholarship

Recommended contribution: $500 – $12,000
Reward our students’ achievements by establishing an annual scholarship for our students based on criteria you set. We are approaching $200,000 in our scholarship fund with a goal to raise this to $500,000.

Scholarships may be established in honour or memory of loved ones.

Please contact us about setting amounts and establishing scholarship criteria.