Combine Biblical Training With Your Career Studies

Our programs easily combine with many studies and certificates from other institutions, so you can blend your learning.


Horizon Plus+

A Powerful Combination

With Horizon Plus+, you combine biblical training for lifelong Christian living PLUS vocational training for careers and service both within and beyond the church. CUSTOMIZE your Christian studies or ministry preparation with approved training from a variety of educational institutions.

Even if you already have certification from another institution, ask us how that might combine with one of our degree options!

Horizon Plus+ programming is available for a variety of institutions, and we are proudly in collaboration with:

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

NEW in 2021 – Horizon has signed an agreement with Saskatchewan Polytechnic to combine Horizon curriculum with multiple Sask Polytechnic programs.

Edwards School of Business University of Saskatchewan

Horizon partners with the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan to blend the Edwards Certificate in Business Administration or Entrepreneurship with Horizon’s core programming.

How does it work?

Horizon has 3+1, 2+2, and 2+1 programming options. This means that you can combine a number of years of study at a different institution with studies at Horizon, allowing you to blend biblical training and ministry with your goal career.

3+1 or 2+1 Programs

These programs require the transfer in of an ADDITIONAL (approved & completed) 1 year program OR a transfer in of 17 credits, or the equivalent, from an approved institution. 

  • For example:  The “Plus 1” could be a one year certificate from Saskatchewan PolyTechnic OR 17 credits from the University of Saskatchewan.

2+2 Programs

A 2+2 program requires an ADDITIONAL (approved & completed) 2 year program to be transferred in. 

  • For example: The “Plus 2” could be a 2 year diploma from Saskatchewan PolyTechnic, Red River College, Bow Valley College, etc.

NOTE: “plus” requirements must be met within 5 years of the completion of the Horizon portion of studies.

Customizable Programming

Growing up in a pastor’s household, I had a front row seat to the many challenges that my parents faced in church leadership. I was able to see many of  the unique challenges that come with pastoring, as well as the challenges that come with the business side of running a church organization. When I received my own call into vocational ministry, I was grateful to have the option of going to Red River College in Winnipeg for a two-year business diploma, which then counted fully towards my degree in Pastoral Leadership at Horizon. I am confident that this 2+2 educational route has prepared me well for many of the challenges that I will face in a pastoral role, as well as in the board room.

Scott PoirierScott Poirier, Associate Pastor, Christian Life Church, Winnipeg

What path will you pursue to build and serve God’s Kingdom?

We want to help you, as a Christian leader, develop your God-given gifts and talents to serve God competently for your entire life. Being a Christian “leader” doesn’t necessarily mean a professional minister, nor is a leader necessarily the one out front. Many of our most powerful Kingdom leaders are ones serving in everyday occupations, often quietly in the background.

You have options.

If you have or want certification or education from a university, college, or technical school, ask us how that might combine with one of our degree options!

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