Who We Are – Christian Leadership and Seminary School Studies

Horizon is a unique Christian leadership college and seminary school that offers a unique Christian leadership solution.

Did you know that…

  • 25% of all Canadians will be senior citizens by 2031?
  • the average age of evangelical Christian leaders is 56?
  • 2/3 of all lead pastors in Canada are also their church’s only professional leader?
We are facing a shortage of Christian leaders… and ministry doesn’t happen without leaders.
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Our Mission

Horizon College & Seminary school exists to advance God’s Kingdom by preparing competent Christian leaders for Spirit-empowered life and ministry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set the industry standard for what we do: prepare competent Christian leaders.

We do this in four distinct ways:

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1. We provide cutting-edge, competency-based programming.

Horizon students are required to demonstrate competence, not pass classes. Horizon is a pioneer in competency-based Christian leadership programming, graduating students ready for real-world Christian life and ministry.

More about CBE

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2. We facilitate unprecedented multi-denominational training.

Horizon is uniquely a multi-denominational college. Unlike non-denominational or trans-denominational institutions that ignore denominational distinctives, Horizon preserves what’s special about different denominations by inviting partners to design their own programs to prepare their own students to serve in specific denominational contexts. It is beautifully collaborative, where much of our programming is common to all, but there is space for denominational distinctiveness.

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3. We operate from a state-of-the-art leadership facility.

In January 2021 Horizon moved to a brand-new facility on Attridge Drive in Saskatoon. The move desirably situates Horizon between bustling urban amenities and a quiet residential neighbourhood in beautiful Saskatoon. The move also allows us to invest in the latest educational technology and to operate with a sustainable business model.

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4. We establish strategically placed multi-site learning hubs.

For many students, relocating to Saskatoon is impossible. Our move and advances in technology will help us establish learning hubs at both urban and rural locations across the prairies, and beyond!

Our Values

Our staff believes passionately in what we do and why we do it. As we aim to do it well, we embrace these four core values:


We submit to the Word of God lived out by the power of the Spirit in authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and one another.


We honour, encourage, challenge, and are accountable to one another as Jesus modeled for us.


We aspire always to give our best, serving faithfully with diligence, integrity, and professionalism.


We invest in intellectual, spiritual, and professional growth.

Horizon shield

The Horizon Shield
Redesigned in 2020, the Horizon Shield symbolizes our vision and mission.

The Shield Explained

Our People

Horizon’s faculty and staff are exemplary Christian leaders who are making a positive impact on our students. We are proud to say that our people are an institutional strength.

Our student satisfaction rates with faculty and staff rank higher than other Canadian 4-year private institutions.*

*National survey conducted in 2021 by RNL

Faculty care about me as an individual.

Horizon 92%
Other Institutions 74%

The campus staff are caring and helpful.

Horizon 98%
Other Institutions 79%

Students feel welcome on campus.

Horizon 98%
Other Institutions 73%

Administrators are approachable.

Horizon 96%
Other Institutions 70%

Nearly all faculty are knowledgeable in their field.

Horizon 96%
Other Institutions 85%

I am able to experience intellectual growth here.

Horizon 96%
Other Institutions 79%
These people provide positive examples of a life devoted to God, they are knowledgeable, and they care. 
Meet our faculty & staff

How We’re Governed

Horizon’s Board of Governors is comprised of members appointed by the board itself and of members appointed by the PAOC SK and MB/NWO District executives.

Board of Governors

Israelson, Paul (Chair)
Saskatoon, SK

Guskjolen, James (Vice-chair)
Saskatoon, SK

Bambridge, Sherilyn
Brandon, MB

Schwab, James
Lac du Bonnet, MB

Martini, Jeromey (President)
Saskatoon, SK

Murphy, Daniel
Winnipeg, MB

Fischer, Amberley
Brandon, MB

Porterfield, Andrew
Winnipeg, MB

Mutwiri, Betty
Saskatoon, SK

Mullin, D’Anne
North Battleford, SK

Want to know more?

Listen to the following interview with Horizon President Dr. Jeromey Martini or visit our FAQ page!

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