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It’s not always possible to uproot family, interrupt work, or move to a new city to pursue theological education. That’s why Horizon has integrated an online bible school to provide students with a flexible timetable and online learning.

Instructors are reshaping courses so you can learn from anywhere in the world, using the internet to participate fully with other remote or on-campus students. Our Digital Theological Library offers students unparalleled access to online resources for their research needs.

Church Hub locations in Canada

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Live-Stream Courses

Live-Streamed courses allow out of town or out of province students to attend a live course taking place on Horizon’s campus in Saskatoon through a video-conferencing service called Zoom. Students attend the class via live-streaming at the same time as on-campus students and interact with their professor and classmates in real time. Your course readings, activities, and essay writing happen as they would in a traditional course format. Out of town/province students can request to live-stream into most any Horizon course taking place on-campus. Live-streamed courses follow our on-campus course syllabi and course schedule.

In order to use the Zoom software, adequate high-speed internet is required. Zoom can be accessed and installed on Mac, PC, Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad.

NOTE: The deadline to register for live-stream courses is three weeks prior to the start of the course.

*High speed internet REQUIRED

Video on Demand Courses

If you are not able to join a class online during the day via live-stream, then later in the day or even later in the week you could watch the class on Horizon’s Video Centre through Video on Demand (VOD). In comparison to Online Video courses (more info below), VOD courses allow you to interact with the class and professor that you are watching on video, because you are following the same general schedule as the on-campus course. Our course schedules indicate those courses that are accessible by VOD.

NOTE: The deadline to register for VOD courses is three weeks prior to the start of the course. VOD is available for most (not all) courses that are running on-campus and as live-stream video.

How does it work?

Lectures are captured each day for the on-campus course, edited, and uploaded to our video site. VOD students will have assignment due dates similar to in-class students and are required to watch and engage with all of the recordings within a certain time-frame each day or week.

MODULE COURSES: Including the module week, each week for five weeks, VOD students are required to watch and engage with the recording from one full day of the module.

In order to pass the course, VOD students must submit VOD weekly submissions. The purpose of these submissions is to demonstrate thoughtful engagement with the class material.

For example:
For every week of the course, by 11:59pm each Monday, as a VOD student you will submit to the class discussion a
2-3 minute video that:
1) affirms you have watched the required recording for the last seven days;
2) summarizes one thing you learned that week that will help you reach the course learning outcomes; and
3) explains at least one question you had after watching the class recording.
Alternatively, the student will meet with the professor live on Zoom on Monday at 3pm.

Each professor may provide a variety of different options for what these submissions could look like.

*High speed internet REQUIRED

Online Video Courses

Online Video courses involve interacting with a professor and students through video-based learning content and online discussions forums. You can view lectures whenever its convenient for you and participate in discussions as you work to complete course readings, activities and written assignments typical of traditional course formats. You don’t have set times to view lectures or “attend class,” although you do have deadlines for assignments and requirements to interact with other online students in the course.

These are courses that are not part of the regular on-campus, live-streaming or VOD course offerings. Online Video courses are offered on an as-requested basis and must be approved through the Registrar’s office. They run as full-semester courses in the following three semesters:

Fall (September – December)
Winter (January – April)
Summer (May – August)

*High speed internet REQUIRED

Directed Study Courses

Directed Study courses are completed using a traditional distance model that consists of course readings, activities, and essay writing.

These are courses that are not part of the regular on-campus, live-streaming or VOD course offerings. Directed Study courses are offered on an as-requested basis and must be approved through the Registrar’s office. They run as full-semester courses in the following three semesters:

Fall (September – December)
Winter (January – April)
Summer (May – August)

How to Request an Online Video or Directed Study Course

Current students MUST submit the Distance Education (DE) request form and fee to request a course by Online Video or Directed Study. If you have questions please email our Academic Administrative Assistant (kregier@horizon.edu). If you are interested in taking a DE course but have not yet applied to be a student, please see the application links below.

*NOTE: The Seminary Course Schedule lists DE courses that are already pre-approved. To complete the registration process Seminary students still need to submit the DE request form.

DE Request Form


of Horizon students engage in Distance Education (DE)


of Horizon’s DE students indicated that they’re satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience at Horizon.


of Video-on-Demand students affirmed, “I feel I learned just as much through my VOD course as I would have if I had attended class live.”

“I have done a few distance courses with other institutions and Horizon’s is by far the best. Though I am on the other side of the country I don’t feel fully disconnected.”

*Data and comments from the 2022 Video on Demand Survey and the 2022 Student Satisfaction Survey conducted by RNL.

What Students are Saying…

“In the summer of 2020 I applied to take a seminary course at Horizon. The staff went over and above to ensure I would be enrolled and ready to take the class. I can imagine the transition during the pandemic was difficult for any school, but it felt quite natural to take an online course at Horizon via Zoom.

One might think that an online class is less relational and less engaging, but Horizon helped to make sure that this wasn’t the case. The modular format, paired with discussion time and presentations in class helped ensure that the classroom experience was both interesting and enriching. It was the intentionality of the teacher that made me feel as though I knew the other students in my class by the end of the week.

Personally, one of the most valued parts of education is the classroom setting. A sense of community in the classroom, and the ability to learn from others, is paramount. I felt as though Horizon and my professor did an excellent job of making sure that this online course fostered a sense of community, and opened the door for me to learn from others.

I am currently a full time Pastor and working on my MA. Being able to take courses online enables me to continue my studies while fulfilling my calling as a Lead Pastor. Being able to take a practical seminary course while working in ministry has given me the opportunity to grow in my ministry ability in real-time. I was able to apply what I learned in class right away. This would not have been possible had it not been for online learning.”

– Taylore Anstey, Arnold’s Cove, Newfoundland

Taylore Anstey

– Tyrone and Josue, from Winkler, Manitoba.

“This summer I enrolled in Bible Study Methods. My experience online has been exceptional. There are opportunities for in-class interactions with other students, links to access the video classes at any time, and the opportunity to ask the professor questions throughout the class. Additionally, the professor is available for questions and additional help outside of the class hours and answers emails very quickly. The quality of the course is excellent, interesting, and creative. The faculty is friendly, efficient, and I feel really well connected. I have had such an amazing experience and I am registering for another course!”
AutumneAutumne, Student
“I am so thankful for the forward thinking of Horizon College and their investment in technology. Not only does this allow students from anywhere to engage in distance learning, but during our current global situation, my education has transferred to an online format seamlessly. Instead of my classes being canceled, I’ve been able to continue to attend lectures, participate in classroom discussion, and engage in community. What a blessing!”
ErikErik, Student

– Bailey, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

How to Apply

To register for courses in the following DE formats you must submit an application and be an accepted student. If you have not yet applied please visit the relevant application page.

If you are already a student with us, check out the upcoming schedules for DE courses you can register for, and fill out the request form above. If you have any questions please email our Academic Administrative Assistant (kregier@horizon.edu).

College Course Schedule

Seminary Course Schedule

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for DE courses is at the posted per credit hour rate for the current academic year.