Tuition & Fees

For Undergraduate Students

Students at Horizon College may study full-time or part-time through a variety of course delivery methods: one week modular courses, online courses (live streaming), and distance education courses. The tuition rates are in Canadian funds. All fees are subject to change.

On-Site, Online, and Directed Study Courses

$690.00/per 3-credit course

Plus Fees


$100/per course

Our Digital Theological Library offers students unparalleled access to online resources for their research needs. To offset the costs of this library access, all students pay a Digital Library Fee.

*While students have the benefit of accessing their textbooks online through the Digital Theological Library, they will not have access to the Digital Theological Library upon graduation. Therefore, we encourage students to purchase select textbooks to build their personal library. For your convenience, Horizon has partnered with Kennedy’s Parable to provide textbooks.


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Payment Policy

All tuition and fees are due and payable by the end of registration week each semester. Methods of payment include e-transfer, credit card, cheque, cash or debit. Interest of 2% monthly is applied to outstanding balances.

Students who have paid in full or who establish and consistently maintain their payment plan throughout the year shall be eligible to receive scholarships or awards.

Payment Plan

Students needing to establish a monthly payment plan for their tuition and fees must meet with Jan in the Business Office prior to the end of registration week.

Penalties for Outstanding Accounts

Students with unpaid accounts at the College are:

  • Charged interest at the rate of 2% monthly on outstanding balances
  • Unable to receive marks or transcripts.
  • Ineligible for scholarships and awards.
  • Unable to finalize registration for another semester.
  • Unable to receive certificates, diplomas or degrees.
  • Subject to the Canadian Credit Corporation for collection of accounts over 90 days outstanding or in arrears.
  • At risk of dismissal from the college.

Refund Policy

Fees are non-refundable. A full tuition refund is available prior to the start of class only.

Module refunds:
By end of 1st day: 80%
By end of 2nd day: 50%
After 2nd day: 0

6-week term refunds:
By end of 1st week: 80%
By end of 2nd week: 50%
After 2nd week: 0

Semester Refunds:
By end of 2nd week: 80%
By end of 3rd week: 50%
After 3rd week: 0

Professional Discounts

Credential holders actively involved in ministries with or approved by the PAOC or the denomination in which they hold credentials, and their dependents* – 10% discount on regular tuition.

Global worker dependents* – 25% discount on regular tuition.

Spouses and dependents* of full-time students – 50% discount on regular tuition.

Age 55+ – 40% discount on regular tuition (on-site and live-stream for-credit courses only, all other fees apply).

*Dependents are defined as unmarried children under age 26.

Alumni Advantage Program

  • One annual complimentary audit per alumnus (online access based on availability).
  • 10% discount on regular tuition for any family of alumni (must identify at registration).
  • Discount may not be combined with other discounts.
  • Applicable to college (undergraduate) programs only.


Fall Entrance Scholarships & Awards

A $250.00 scholarship is available per semester for each year a student successfully completes Club 150 (memorizing at least 150 verses in a year) to a maximum of $1,000. Students must be registered in a full-time program and the funds are applied in the following semester.

$500.00 Applied to account
For a freshman in the diploma or degree program who, in the estimation of the admissions committee, shows the most promise for contributing to the music ministry at Horizon. Meeting any of the following criteria will be sufficient for consideration: recommendation of a pastor and/or faculty, evidence of abilities in music, recognized musical accomplishments.

$500.00 Applied to account
Awarded to a SK student committed to a minimum of one year at Horizon, who is exploring their call to ministry and demonstrates a financial need. Funds to be credited to their account in the spring semester.
$400.00 ea. Applied to account
Two scholarships are available to students entering at the freshman year level of a diploma or degree program who, in the estimation of the admissions committee, show leadership potential and give evidence of a definite calling to the ministry.
$300.00 Applied to account
For a married student(s) entering (freshman) a diploma or degree course in the pastoral stream.

Graduation Scholarships & Awards

Awarded at the end of each academic year during the graduation ceremony.

Awarded to the graduating student who is among those who have attained the highest GPA and who, in the estimation of the faculty, best represents the spirit of the graduating class.
Presented to the student in a One-Year Program with the highest Grade Point Average.
Awarded to a graduating senior(s) of good academic standing (minimum 3.3 GPA) who has exhibited strong Christian character and leadership ability; it is awarded by the Delta Epsilon Chi Honor Society.

$1000.00 Applied to account
Presented by the Heyer family and awarded to a returning student of upstanding character and integrity who has, over the past twelve months, shown commitment to God’s work by giving time and abilities to a PAOC ministry. This person must display the desire to make a substantial contribution to ministry whether full-time or lay ministry. The recipient shall consider their lifelong contribution to the work of God to be of paramount importance.

$1000.00 Applied to account
Given in memory of former president, the Reverend C. H. Stiller, to a returning student who in the opinion of the faculty gives evidence of Christian scholarship and spiritual leadership among peers and in ministry. The person will be of good Christian character and convictions.

$1000.00 Paid
The Elim Church Award is given to a student who has completed their second, third or fourth year at Horizon College that has given most generously of their time to serve at Elim Church in the past year.

$1000.00 Applied to account
Given to a First Year student who shows promising ability in music and has the intention of going into some field of the ministry.
$100.00 Paid
Awarded to a graduating student who is going into the ministry, preferably one who has successfully completed the Internship Program.

$300.00 Applied to account
This award is presented by the Manitoba/NW Ontario district Women to a female student from Manitoba/NW Ontario returning to Horizon, and who demonstrates acceptable scholarship, positive Christian character, and a commitment to personal ministry.

$500.00 ea. Applied to account
Presented by Calvary Temple, Winnipeg to two returning students who have demonstrated good scholarship, exemplary Christian character and a desire to minister.
400.00 ea. Applied to account
Awarded to one or more students who will be returning in the fall, who have demonstrated good scholarship, exemplary Christian character and a desire to minister.

$250.00 Applied to account
Presented to a student entering their graduating year in a Diploma or Degree program who, in the estimation of the faculty, possesses the conviction and ability to lead others into a deeper relationship with Christ, demonstrates personal piety and Christian character, exemplifies the caring warmth of a pastoral heart, and maintains an acceptable level of scholarship.

$350.00 Applied to account or paid
Awarded annually to a student who has, in the opinion of the faculty, demonstrated a pastoral heart evidenced by a servant-like attitude, a compassion for the lost, a desire to minister, preferably cross-culturally, and who has maintained an acceptable level of scholarship.

$600.00 ea. Applied to account
Given to returning students, male or female, who in the estimation of the faculty, give evidence of a call to the ministry, exemplify the caring warmth of a pastoral heart, and demonstrate leadership qualities.

Presented to a student who, in the opinion of the faculty, is of outstanding promise, is in the final year of a degree program, and who has the declared intention to pursue further academic studies (to be awarded upon proof of registration).

$1000.00 Applied to account or paid
Presented by PAOC International Missions to a student that significantly engages with God’s mission in the world and may be a candidate one day to serve through the PAOC somewhere in God’s world.

$100.00 Applied to Account or Paid
Awarded to the student receiving the highest mark in Introductory New Testament Greek, with a minimum 80% grade.

External Scholarship Opportunities

Awarded by denominational partners or organizations that are separate from Horizon College & Seminary.

This annual scholarship program is open to Black Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are enrolled or are planning to enroll in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at a Canadian college or university. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, and community involvement.

The BBPA NSP offers several scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $7,000. In addition to financial support, the BBPA NSP offers recipients opportunities for mentorship and networking with Canadian professionals. The program also provides recipients with access to various resources and workshops, to support their academic and professional development.

Apply at

If you are an adherent or member in a local Church of God in western Canada, and plan to attend Horizon College & Seminary (either as an undergrad or seminary student), you may qualify for scholarship funds. Please complete this form and return it to the Church of God in Western Canada regional office.

This grant is available to Canadian full-time undergraduate students in financial need. You are automatically assessed when you apply for student aid with your province or territory. There is also a grant for part-time students.


If you are an adherent or member of the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church (EMMC), and plan to attend Horizon College & Seminary, you may qualify for their Education & Training Fund. You can find the information by downloading the application package on their webiste, or at

There are 100+ awards available, totalling up to $50,000. The largest award available is $5,000, which is open to any applicant going to a publicly funded post-secondary institution in Canada. There is a $3,000 and $2,000 award. In addition, there are 101 other awards, between $200 and $1,000 in value. Visit for details.

Students who are active in the life and ministry of a Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren church may also qualify for SKMB bursaries and internship support.
Website >

Visit to view an extensive list of available scholarships for Saskatchewan students.

Canada Student Loans and Bursaries

Horizon College & Seminary is a designated college with the Canada Student Loan program under the code CPAO. This allows students to apply for national and provincial student loan programs to attend Horizon. College students are eligible for full-time student loans with a minimum of 8 credit hours per semester, and part-time student loans with a minimum of 3 credit hours per semester.

Application for student loans are through your provincial government (see below for SK & MB). Information and links to all provincial applications can be found on the Government of Canada website. Applications for the fall are generally available in early June and may take 6-8 weeks to process so students should apply as early as possible.

Saskatchewan Advanced Education, Employment & Labour

(Saskatchewan residents only)
Phone (306) 787-5620
Website >

Manitoba Education and Learning

Winnipeg Office Phone (204) 945-6321
Brandon Office Phone (204) 726-6592
Website >