Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to Horizon or one of our alumni, we want to help you find answers to your questions. Below you will find information on a variety of topics.

As always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to assist you!

Questions about studying at Horizon during COVID-19

Thank you for considering Horizon College & Seminary! If you are considering Christian leadership education, then we are here for you!

In these curious times, we are pleased to offer you the choice to study with us fully on campus or fully online. You’ll find our fall College and Seminary course schedules on our student resource page. As well, check out our various online formats for study, or contact us at

General Questions

Horizon’s 6-week term system, frequent modules, and online options means you can begin studies at many times throughout the year. Contact us today and we’ll get you started!

Horizon does not have a dorm. Instead, we work with college alumni Nathan and Melanie Cressman of Cressman Realty and Property Management to provide student housing within easy walking distance of our new campus, which will open in January 2021.

Accommodations are available first-come, first served, so students wanting to secure housing for study in Saskatoon should apply as soon as possible. For more information on student housing, click here.

Yes – chapels, our student-led 10:39, and life groups will run live and livestream online.

Times for these services may be adjusted throughout the year, and we may stream services to multiple rooms within the building as well as online to maintain social
distancing protocols.

The Horizon library is open for research and study with limited occupancy. Furniture and directional markers have been arranged to encourage physical distancing.

This Spring, Horizon was thrilled to announce our 8-month Global Discipleship Certificate that partners with Multiply to combine studies at Horizon and a cross-cultural mission experience.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, students in the program will complete the cross-cultural component of their Certificate in Canada, under the direction of Multiply.

In case you haven’t heard, Horizon has moved into a brand-new building! Check out our Facebook page for up-to-date pictures!

If you cannot attend class onsite or online due to illness, you will have an opportunity to catch up on your course later. Some course lectures are accessible via video-on-demand.

If you are unable to complete assignments on time due to COVID-19, we will adjust due dates as necessary without penalty. To acquire due date adjustments, you must communicate with your professor or the dean of the College or Seminary.

After surveying our 2020 graduates, most preferred to convocate as part of our 2021 graduation ceremony, currently scheduled for April 23, 2021. With COVID restrictions, we cannot guarantee the April 2021 convocation will be in person but may be an online ceremony or a hybrid of both. We will keep you posted as we get closer to the date.

Studying on campus during COVID-19

We acknowledge that we have people on our campus who are or who live with immune-compromised individuals. We value their security and safety.

As global citizens and good neighbours, we assume responsibility to model respect and compliance with Public Health regulations.

As a registered college in the province of Saskatchewan, we are continually adjusting our policies as the province moves through the various phases of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan under direction of the Ministry of Health and the Chief Health Officer. For a copy of Horizon’s on-campus operational safety plan, please contact us at

All Canadian students are welcome to study on campus this fall.

We are working with the federal government to finalize a plan to receive international students on campus. We welcome new international students to join us online through live-stream, video-on-demand, or other online options (see Distance Education), and to continue onsite once Canadian government approval and appropriate study permits are received.

Click here for to read the Readiness Plan for International Students* >

*subject to change.

No. However, all employees, students, and visitors are expected to self-monitor for COVID-19. Every day you enter campus, you acknowledge that you have no symptoms and are to the best of your knowledge free of COVID-19.

Masks – Face masks (non-medical masks or cloth face-coverings) are mandatory on campus for all indoor common or shared spaces and for singing in worship services. Horizon will supply all students one washable mask with additional masks available for purchase. Individuals choosing to wear masks at any time will be respected.

Hand sanitizer – Students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer for personal use. However, hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility.

Computer and web camera – Even students planning to attend fully on campus need home access to internet, a computer (not a cell phone), and a web cam to be visible during online classes. Since students with symptoms of COVID-19 or needing to self-isolate are not allowed on campus, students must be prepared to attend classes online via live-stream at any point in the year.

If you become symptomatic while on campus, you must notify Horizon administration, leave campus, and self-isolate immediately. You will be directed to call the HealthLine at 8-1-1 and follow the directions of Public Health.

If you cannot leave campus immediately, you will, if needed, be provided a mask and directed to a designated isolation room to wait.

We’ve made several policy and facility changes to help keep people safe this year, including:

  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols and practices
  • Placed plastic shields in core areas where physical distancing is difficult (e.g., main office counter; library circulation desk)
  • Placed hand sanitization stations throughout the building
  • Posted maximum capacity room signs and arranged furniture to accommodate proper physical distancing
  • Placed distance and directional markers throughout the building
  • Staggered class start, break, and end times to restrict large gatherings
  • Designated different building entrance doors for different classes to limit large gatherings at facility entrances
  • Designated isolation rooms for individuals presenting symptoms of COVID-19

You can read Horizon’s Institutional Safety Plan here or request more information by emailing

Thank you for considering Horizon! We are committed to seeing God’s Kingdom advance through leaders like you and warmly welcome you to study with us!

Questions about Horizon

Horizon is a multi-denominational Christian leadership college – a first-of-its-kind institution in Canada. We are biblically based and teach the Bible as an essential part of our curriculum, but our focus is on what you can do with that teaching as you integrate it into your life, vocation, and the rest of our curriculum that prepares you for competent Christian leadership.

Horizon is fully accredited with the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), which is the international standard for Christian higher education in North America. Additionally, Horizon is an affiliated college of the University of Saskatchewan. This affiliation also gives students certain privileges at the U of S (e.g., library privileges, discount at the Physical Activities Centre).

For information on employment rates for college graduates and completion rates, click here.

Questions about denominations

There are different ways Christian denominations form institutions:

  • Denominational colleges represent the interests of a single denomination, shaping students to reflect what is special or unique about that denomination (e.g., Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada; Mennonite Brethren).
  • Trans- or Non-Denominational colleges represent what is common to evangelical denominations broadly and leave it to denominations to shape prospective leaders outside the college program.
  • Multi-Denominational colleges blend the denominational and non-denominational approaches. A multi-denominational college offers a basic curriculum common to evangelical denominations broadly, but invites partner denominations to integrate their special interests into the curriculum, shaping prospective leaders as part of their educational program.
Currently, Horizon officially partners with the Christian & Missionary Alliance, Canadian Midwest District; the Church of God in Western Canada; the Mennonite Brethren, Saskatchewan Conference; and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, Saskatchewan and Manitoba-Northwestern Ontario Districts.

Visit our denominational partner page for more information.

Horizon students come from various Christian backgrounds, not only from partnering denominations. Our curriculum will prepare you for competent Christian leadership broadly. If your denomination isn’t one of Horizon’s official partners, we will still work with you to integrate denominational requirements into your program so you graduate ready to serve. If you don’t have a specific denomination, you will still graduate ready to serve but may need to do additional training with a denomination after you graduate.

Questions about academics

CBE is an approach to education that requires students to demonstrate they’re actually competent in the knowledge and skills needed for real-life Christian leadership. There’s no “just passing”; you are actually prepared for Christian life and ministry.

Click here for more information.

To enable transferability, all Horizon courses are awarded a traditional grade (“A”, “B”, etc.) and students receive a traditional transcript. As an accredited institution, Horizon courses transfer to most other institutions similarly accredited by the ABHE (Association for Biblical Higher Education). Horizon’s affiliated status with the University of Saskatchewan means some courses also transfer to the U of S. Other universities and colleges also routinely accept Horizon transfers. Importantly, transferability is always at the discretion of the receiving institution, and is limited by specific program requirements. (E.g., if transfering into a program that requires mostly maths and science, fewer Horizon courses will be relevant).
Students can find their grades under the student tab on their Populi account. Populi is our course management system. If your Populi account is locked you will need to inquire with the Business Manager (

Our competency-based education course management system is currently under development, therefore, students will need to contact their Professors for their competency levels.

Yes, you can! We are rebooting the way we do distance education. Instructors are reshaping courses so you can learn from home, using the internet to participate fully with other students – both on and off-campus – who are taking the same course at the same time. Distance Education courses are offered in a number of formats , including online (video content), directed-study (text based), and by using the internet to stream you into live courses being offered on-campus.

For more information see our Distance Education page.

Horizon College & Seminary (HCS) considers transfer credit from a variety of post-secondary institutions. Applicants desiring advanced standing at HCS on the basis of previous work must have official transcripts forwarded directly from the institution where the credits were earned. The Registrar will then determine if a course is comparable to a HCS course. Please see our Transfers page for more information.

We are not yet able to offer a complete program by distance. Almost all of our program is accessible through live stream, recorded video, and directed study, but to complete a program you may still need to attend Horizon in person for a few 1-week modules. Alternatively, we would help you find a relevant institution near you or other means to take the missing classes and transfer them into your Horizon program.

We encourage students to work part-time while studying even full-time at Horizon. Our term structure introduces a lot of flexibility (e.g., except during modules, there are no Friday classes), and Horizon is located near numerous retail, grocery, restaurant, fast food, and other businesses that provide employment opportunities nearby.

A module is a course that allows you to fit the classroom instruction portion of the course into just 5 days, typically Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. Following the classroom portion, you have six weeks to complete assignments and coursework.

Modules are a great option if you have limited time to spend in the classroom!

More information on modules here.

Accommodations are fundamental to support students with disabilities. While our supports and resources have some limitations, Horizon will work to give students with disabilities access and the opportunity to succeed academically.

Students are responsible to ensure that Horizon is aware of their request for accommodations. Students must provide the professional diagnosis and recommendations as outlined in the Medical Questionnaire. Note that student life and academic support is limited over the summer term.

Questions about admissions

You can find information on our college costs here and our seminary costs here.

We also have various college tuition discounts, seminary discounts, a promotion for referrals, for Canadian students and more!*

Email for information on current discounts and promotions.


*Subject to change.

Horizon provides PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) for new applicants. On a case-by-case basis we are able to award credit for prior knowledge and life experience.

If you have attended another college or post-secondary institution, we are often able to transfer your credits and help you complete your degree. If you spent time at YWAM or Capernwray, or with some similar organization after high school, your experience may count toward college credit at Horizon. Please note that non-accredited colleges are considered on a case-by-case basis.

People come to Horizon for various reasons, from diverse evangelical traditions, and at different points on their walk with Christ. Our students range in age from freshly graduated high school to freshly retired, all seeking God’s next best direction for their lives. Horizon isn’t a place where one size is meant to fit all, but a place where you can be who God has created you to be.

Because we recognize that not everyone’s story is the same, we are able to take prior learning and experience into account during the admissions process.

Yes! Please contact our office, (306) 374-6655 or, to set up a date and time.

Yes! Horizon College & Seminary accepts homeschooled students.

For more information please see our Admissions Policies on what you need to do to apply.

Yes! Horizon College & Seminary is a Designated Learning Institution, enabling international students to study at Horizon.

For more information please see our International Students page.

Students are encouraged to apply at least two weeks prior to the start of a term to ensure adequate time to process their application for acceptance, order textbooks and do any required pre-course work. 

Exceptions to this will be at the discretion of the Registrar’s office.

The International student application deadline is June 30 of the year they wish to start.

Yes! Horizon College & Seminary is a designated college under the Canada Student Loan Program. This qualifies students to apply for various sponsored loan programs as well as the national program under the EI code CPAO. Students expecting to use loans should make arrangements in early summer. Detailed information and applications for Student Loans are available at:

The National Student Loans Service Centre

Yes! We have a total of 13 scholarships available. For a full list of available scholarships and awards please click HERE.

We have four small Entry-level Scholarships available to new applicants. To apply for these, make sure you check them off in your application. Our Entry-level scholarships include:

    For a freshman in the diploma or degree program who, in the estimation of the admissions’ committee, shows the most promise for contributing to the music ministry at Horizon. Meeting any of the following criteria will be sufficient for consideration: recommendation of a pastor and/or faculty, evidence of abilities in music, recognized musical accomplishments.
    For a married student(s) entering (freshman) a diploma or degree program in the pastoral stream.
    Two scholarships are available to students entering at the freshman year level of a diploma or degree program who, in the estimation of the admissions’ committee, show leadership potential and give evidence of a definite calling to the ministry.
    Awarded to a SK student committed to a minimum of one year at Horizon, who is exploring their call to ministry and demonstrates a financial need. Funds to be credited to their account in the spring semester.

Additional scholarships are awarded at the end of each academic year during the graduation ceremony.

Students may change courses within the first week of classes. Following the first week, students must officially withdraw from the course before the withdrawal date or they will receive a failing grade designation on their transcript. To withdraw or change a course a student must fill out the Course Change Form found on campus by the student mailboxes.

Withdrawal from Courses

  • Modules: Before the second day of classes
  • Weekend Courses: Within the week following the first weekend of classes

Questions about Residence

With our move to our new facility, we no longer have on-campus residence. However, there is an option for student housing available – click here for more information.

Please complete the Move Out Form and make an appointment with Heather Wood to discuss the process.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to send us your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!