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If you follow Jesus, you can make an impact for Jesus. Since commissioning his very first disciples, Jesus continues to call leaders to advance God’s Kingdom. Leadership takes different forms. Some lead out front in the spotlight; others lead quietly and behind the scenes. Some lead professionally in the church or Christian organizations; others volunteer in Christian roles and influence their workplaces for Christ. Horizon’s leadership and ministry training programs are designed to help you shape your path to lead effectively in your Christian life and ministry.

College Programs

Horizon is Canada’s first competency-based Christian leadership college, pioneering a multi-denominational leadership and ministry training curriculum that is collaborative, practical, and effective for equipping the Christian leaders of tomorrow.

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2023 – 2024

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Certificate Programs

Even just one year of study at Horizon will help you serve God’s Kingdom well. Horizon will equip you with essential life skills that will help you succeed in whatever job or schooling you take after your time with us. Our Certificate programs can join further programming paths, or can serve as a stand-alone, unique experience.

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Our college programs follow two paths. One path leads you to professional, credentialed ministry. The other path aims to establish your personal Christian life, preparing you to lead for Christ whatever your vocation or context. Those who have taken a one-year Certificate program can join either program path, or it can serve as a stand-alone, unique experience.

Please note: The BA and BTh program designations are for students studying through Horizon. Students studying through MCS-Horizon will receive the designations BTh or BRE.

Professional Ministry Programs

Christian Life Programs

What can I do with my Horizon degree?

Many students choose to begin their education at Horizon and continue with further education in anything from engineering to nursing to carpentry. For those who choose to complete a full degree at Horizon, there are also many possible career paths.

Some graduates also choose to pursue further education at the graduate level in areas such as biblical studies, theology, ministry, counselling, or leadership.

Additionally, a Horizon education gives foundational skills in critical thinking, public speaking, writing, cultural awareness, and leadership, as well as prayer, scripture reading, and other spiritual disciplines to help guide you through life. These important skills can open the door to numerous career opportunities.

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Career paths may include:

  • Lead Pastors

  • Youth Pastors

  • Children’s Pastors

  • Global Workers

  • Chaplain Work (e.g. Prison Ministry)

  • NGOs and Non-Profit Workers

  • Social Sector

  • Religious Education

Horizon can help you to build and serve God’s Kingdom, wherever He leads.

You can combine our programs with other studies with Horizon Plus+!

Horizon works with you to make your leadership training practical and meaningful according to your interests and ministry goals. Our programs easily combine with studies and certificates from other institutions.

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What’s Next?

If you have questions about our programs or how to apply, visit our FAQ page.

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