Student life at Horizon College & Seminary offers a unique experience. It is a place where you are surrounded by people who are hungry to know more of God. At Horizon you will connect with students, staff, and faculty in ways that will bring you closer to Christ and that will ultimately transform you. Through classes, one-on-one conversations, spiritual formation groups, and chapels you will also get a chance to grow spiritually academically, and socially.

Here you’ll find a list of support documents, policies and more.

Academic Assistance

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a one-on-one process in which the Academic Coach will help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your study habits, establish your academic achievement goals, and develop the strategies and skills that will lead you to academic success.

Academic Coaching appointments are available for all HCS students on Monday and Wednesday afternoons throughout the semester.

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Student Coaches

Every first-year or new DE student at Horizon is provided with support from a Student Coach!

Student Coaches are senior students who are familiar with college life and who are skilled in setting and meeting goals for academic success. Your Student Coach will meet with you regularly throughout your first year so you can ask questions about your studies, set study goals for your courses, and get connected with the people and resources on campus that can help you meet your goals.

Students may also request to continue working with their student coach during their second year of study. Please submit questions about the Student Coaching program or requests to continue working with your Student Coach to

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Disability Services & Learning Accommodations

Accommodations are fundamental to support students with disabilities. While the supports and resources of Horizon College and Seminary (HCS) have some limitations, HCS will work to give students with disabilities access to HCS and the opportunity to succeed academically.

Students are responsible to ensure HCS is aware of their request for accommodations and to provide HCS with the professional diagnosis and recommendations as outlined in the Medical Questionnaire. Note that student life and academic support is limited over the summer term.

Medical Questionnaire

Emotional Support Animals

Horizon recognizes the role of Emotional Support Animals (ESA). As defined by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Policy on Support Animals, an ESA is an animal that has been prescribed by a professional to support an individual with a documented disability, though the animal does not require specialized training.

Horizon will consider a request by a student with a documented disability for reasonable accommodation to allow an ESA to accompany the student on campus, but the request must first be approved through the application process before bringing the animal onsite.

ESA Policy

Health Support

Safety During COVID-19

We’ve made several policy and facility changes to help keep people safe this year. For general information about studying on campus please visit our FAQ page. For more specific details, please see our Institutional Safety Plan below or request more information by emailing

Institutional Safety Plan

Health Coverage for International Students

If you are an international student temporarily residing in Saskatchewan to further your education, you may be eligible for Saskatchewan health coverage. You must apply for a Saskatchewan health services card. You must provide proof of full-time enrollment at an accredited educational institute and a valid Study Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. To begin your application, see I want to apply for a health services card.

SK Health Services

Hospitals and Clinics

Royal University Hospital
103 Hospital Drive
Phone (306) 655-1000

Visit Website

Saskatoon City Hospital
701 Queen Street
Phone (306) 655-8000

Visit Website

St. Paul’s Hospital
1702—20th Street
Phone (306) 655-5000

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Walk-in Medical Clinics
Various locations

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Mental Health Services

Your mental health affects all aspects of your life: social, physical, spiritual, economic, and mental. If at any time you need help or would like access to more resources to aid you in your transition into a new country and environment, the following services are available. Note that for some of these services there is a cost, which will vary dependent on which service you choose.

Living Well with Heather Tomes

Saskatoon, SK



Location and telephone vary dependent on which counsellor you choose.


Canadian Mental Health Assoc

Saskatoon Branch 1301 Ave P N
Phone (306) 384-9333



Sexual Assault Policy