Where do we go from here?

Moving Forward Following the Kamloops Discovery

How can we as Christians respond in love to the tragic discoveries of the Indigenous children’s unmarked graves in Canada?

“Personally, I was left with the reality that this is just sick and wrong, no matter who is to blame,” says Horizon’s president Jeromey Martini. “But I was left also feeling helpless – I just don’t know what to do about it.”

We need a middle path to walk upon that allows us to grieve with those who grieve without succumbing to the pressures of associating with a polar minority that seeks to control our responses. But how do we forge this middle path?

Oh Lord, heal our land.

Horizon will be releasing a series of blog posts and videos featuring two Horizon alumni: brothers, Andrew and Jimmy Thunder. Andrew and Jimmy are Oji-Cree from Sachigo Lake Ontario. Both live in Winnipeg, working to bring reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. 

We invite you to listen to Jeromey Martini’s interview with Andrew and Jimmy as they talk about first steps on how to respond to the Kamloops discovery.

Forging a Path

Talks with The Thunder Brothers and President Jeromey Martini
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We do not wish to promote more polarizing discussion, so we have chosen not to open this blog up for public comment. Instead, we offer a dedicated email to receive your questions. We will address some of those answers in future blogs and interviews. Please email 215_Questions@horizon.edu.

We will continue our journey on what is hopefully a more constructive (rather than polarizing) third-path response, not only to the incident at Kamloops, but the long history of what that incident represents.

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