New Strategic Partnership | Dec 2023 | Winter Newsletter

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Horizon Scales Up Nationally — Enters Strategic Partnership

IN MY LAST letter, I shared with you that “while our student numbers and the diversity of our programs continue to grow, financial giving has not kept up with our needs.” Thanks to YOU, a lot has happened since you received that news.

  • In September, Horizon welcomed our largest student body in decades. Enrolment has grown over 65% since 2016, trending against the national average of 55% enrolment decline among ABHE accredited institutions over the same period.
  • We’ve aggressively reduced our deficit by over 60% and are working to reduce it further.
ABHE annual enrolment chart
  • But the BIG news is that Horizon is forming a strategic partnership with Ontario institution, Master’s College & Seminary (known as “MCS”).

MCS was founded in 1939 to serve the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in eastern Canada. Through partnership, MCS and Horizon will expand our capacity to prepare significantly more Christian leaders—much needed in Canada—while maintaining a fiscally sustainable operating model through shared staff, curriculum, and resources.


  • Horizon will continue to operate as an independent entity (“Horizon College & Seminary”), as will MCS—this is not a merger.
  • Horizon will continue serving our distinct constituency, which includes the PAOC in Saskatchewan and Manitoba-Northwestern Ontario and our multi-denominational partners in the Christian & Missionary Alliance, the Church of God (Cleveland), the Mennonite Brethren, and other groups and churches who identify with Horizon’s mission;
  • Horizon and MCS will share senior leadership and common curriculum, where Horizon’s President (Dr. Jeromey Martini) and Vice President of Academics (Dr. Andrew Gabriel) will oversee and implement Horizon’s curriculum over both institutions;
  • Collaboratively, MCS and Horizon will be launching multiple church-based learning centres across Canada where students can study while embedded in practical ministry (see the Church Hubs page)!

You have many questions, I’m sure! To address them:

  • We’ve created an FAQ landing page at that includes space for you to ask additional questions. On it, you will find our public Media Release statement and links to public video announcements.
  • We’ve scheduled a LIVE Zoom Q&A for Tuesday, December 12, at 6:00pm (CST). Login information will be posted on the FAQ page.
  • Finally, we will be announcing a series of in-person town halls to take place at locations around the districts. Location information will also be posted on the FAQ landing page.
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This exciting collaboration with MCS is the latest in a legacy of Horizon partnerships. From partnering with the Lutheran Theological Seminary (Saskatoon) in the 1960s to offer the first seminary option for Pentecostals in Canada, to affiliating with the University of Saskatchewan in the 1980s, to working collaboratively with multiple denominations, churches, and community colleges and business schools today, partnership is essential to Horizon’s DNA. And it is thanks to YOUR faithful partnership through prayer and financial support that Horizon has been positioned to scale up our services to a national level. THANK YOU!

Now we ask you – will you scale up your support as Horizon scales up our service?

More than ever, we need INDIVIDUALS, CHURCHES, and CORPORATE DONORS to lean in through prayer, promotion, and provision as we take what we’re doing at Horizon to a national level. As we approach the end of 2023,

Will you make Horizon a year-end gift individually or on behalf of your business?

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Will your church include Horizon as part of your annual support?

Will you commit to pray for us as we bring two independent institutions into collaborative relationship?

Will you promote this exciting opportunity to prospective students across the nation? Join us in speaking LIFE publicly about this collaborative Kingdom work!

Thank you for all you’ve done and what you continue to do!

With deepest gratitude to our wonderful supporters,

Dr Jeromey Martini ______________________
Dr. Jeromey Martini, President, Horizon College & Seminary and Professor of New Testament Studies