Some churches use technology well; some do not. Many use it simply because it is done by other churches or because it is common in western culture.

Rarely do questions around theological and philosophical implications of the power of technology arise. For example, the screen increasingly functions as a primary epistemological source in Western society, eclipsing “hard copy” print (i.e., books).

What does this mean for faith that has held a book as a central epistemological source for centuries?

The Technology & Communication for Ministry course provides practical skills in using key technologies and will also build a framework for care in using these technologies in ministry.

Technology & Communication for Ministry

General – G360
3 credits | Prerequisites: G209

March 13 – April 20, 2023

(Monday – Thursday) 9:00am – 10:30am
Prerequisites: G209 Communication Skills

This course provides crucial information and hands-on learning for using technology effectively. Ethical and philosophical issues related to the influence of technology in culture and the church will also be discussed.

Practical Skill Training in:

  • Sound Reinforcement

  • Lighting

  • Projection

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media

  • Video Production

Dr. Dale Dirksen

Dr. Dale Dirksen

Worship Studies, Church History, Technology & Communication for Ministry, Coaching

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How to Join

Although Horizon offers this class for credit, anyone interested in learning about using technology and communication in ministry is welcome to apply to join as an auditor.

Auditors do not complete the formal homework but there is reading recommended for the course. Auditors pay only a fraction of the course fees ($100.00 audit fee). Contact Keldy Regier to request the auditing application (

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