“5 minutes into the sermon, I knew I was in trouble. People weren’t with me. At the 10-minute mark, people were falling asleep. One man near the front began to snore. And worse, he didn’t disturb anyone. No one was listening.” (Paraphrase from Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson.)

Most preachers have these kinds of experiences where the congregation is not connecting with them. What would it take to become a more effective communicator of God’s Word?

Horizon Seminary offers a course to help you engage your listening audience. This course will consist of weekly reading; presentations; discussions; and assignments. Participants will be introduced to many of the leading books on preaching, as well as some of the outstanding preachers in North America.

Whether you are a seasoned preacher or totally new, you will gain much from this course including the opportunity for significant relational connections.

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The Course

Effective Communication in Leadership
Preparing Sermons that Connect

3 credits

April 25 – June 27, 2023

(Tuesday Mornings) 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Instructed by Harry Strauss, D.Min, this advanced preaching course addresses life-based sermon-preparation practices that will contribute to the connection dynamic between the preacher and the listening audience. Attention will be given to identifying biblical concepts related to effective communication, reading extensively and continually from the field of preaching, assessing the preaching practices of others, identifying critical practices, and adopting those practices in one’s sermon preparation discipline. Please note: This course includes reading and preparation work before the first class.

Dr. Harry Strauss

Harry Strauss, D.Min

Ministry Formation | Internship | MA Ministry Leadership

About Dr. Strauss
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How to Join

For Credit

Current students can register for this course by contacting the Registrar’s office. If you are interested in taking this course but not have yet applied, please visit the applicable admissions page.

Registration FAQs

For Audit

Although Horizon offers this class for credit, anyone interested in learning to communicate God’s Word is welcome to join as an auditor.

Auditors do not complete the formal homework for the course and pay only a fraction of the fees ($100.00 audit fee for the entire course; some reading and preparation for the course is required). Contact Keldy Regier to request the auditing application (kregier@horizon.edu).

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