Sisterhood – LEAD Women Cohort

In Fall 2020, Horizon Seminary, in partnership with Sisterhood YXE and LEAD Women, will launch an innovative educational cohort that empowers women to bring transformational change to their churches, communities, and world.


  • Learning in a Context of Mutual Encouragement
    The women’s cohort provides a unique opportunity for women to study the bible, theology, and ministry leadership in a context of mutual encouragement and support.
  • Two-year Journey Together
    Women from different walks of life and denominations with the common mission of serving and leading God’s people with excellence will take graduate courses together over a two-year period.
  • Flexibility
    Students in the cohort will have the option of studying part time or full time. Courses will be in a modular (or, in some cases, online) format to provide optimal flexibility and learning options.
  • Affordability
    The first ten women who enter the program with the intention of using the degree for professional or lay ministry and who demonstrate a financial need will receive a bursary from Horizon College.

Option One

Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership

The women’s cohort will take 8 courses together, which can be applied to a Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (MAML) degree. The MAML degree is a 48-credit program (16 courses) that prepares competent Christian leaders for church, lay ministry, and other workplace roles by combining graduate-level leadership training, biblical and theological studies, and specialized ministry apprenticeships.

Option Two

Graduate Certificate Program

Women participating in the cohort who do not wish to complete the MAML degree will receive a certificate in Ministry Leadership. This certificate can be later applied to a graduate degree program.

Other Degree Options

Members of the women’s cohort may also wish to build upon their 8-course cohort experience by transferring the 24 credits earned in the cohort to a degree at one of our partner seminaries (Briercrest Seminary; Providence Theological Seminary; MB Seminary). For further information, please contact Dr. Susan Wendel.