Master of Divinity Programs

Horizon’s co-operative agreement with Providence Theological Seminary includes providing courses towards the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) in Pentecostal Studies.

Follow the link here to pages 30-34 of the Providence Seminary Academic Catalogue for details:

M.Div. in Pentecostal Studies

5.1      M.Div. Program Goals, Entrance Requirements, etc. (pages 30-31)
5.1.1    M.Div. Core Requirements (pages 31-32)
5.1.2   M.Div. Pentecostal Studies Track (page 34)

All of Horizon’s courses are constructed within the framework of an evangelical position. For the Pentecostal Studies major, specific courses also offer a pentecostal-charismatic perspective on the subject.

Go to Course Syllabi to see course details.

Horizon also has a longstanding cooperative arrangement with Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) and the Saskatoon Theological Union (STU). Qualified students may apply to complete their by doing half of their studies at Horizon and half of their studies at Lutheran Seminary and STU. Contact Dr. Wendel for more information.