M.A. in Educational Studies – Leadership Track


The Leadership M.A. is a co-operative program between Providence Theological Seminary and Horizon College & Seminary. Its formal name is the Leadership Track in the Master of Arts in Educational Studies.

The Leadership M.A. was approved by the governing bodies of Providence Theological Seminary in April 2017. It is a 48-credit hour degree. Students may take a combination of courses at both Providence and Horizon. The degree will be given by Providence which is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).


Program Goals & Objectives:

The target audience of the Leadership M.A. includes church leaders, para-church leaders, and other Christian leaders in marketplace or secular organizations. These men and women seek continuing education and training specifically in the knowledge and skills of effective leadership.

The purposes of the Leadership M.A. for the student include:

  • To establish a strong biblical and theological foundation for leadership and heighten awareness of the relevance of the Word of God to how leadership is fulfilled
  • To cultivate a strong knowledge of leadership theories and practices and how they relate to the act of leadership within the Church and the world
  • To develop the gift of leadership and express it with broad knowledge, competent skills, and in an ethical manner
  • To attain a leadership character, presence, and practice that may be called upon to give godly leadership in a variety of church, para-church, or marketplace organizations


Program Requirements

Please click for a detailed program sheet.

See Upcoming Courses for list of 2019-2020 module courses at Horizon.