Global Leadership Summit

January 2017

The Global Leadership Summit

January 25-26, 2017

Through special arrangement with the Willow Creek Association, Horizon students annually experience a private viewing of the Global Leadership Summit.

This 2-day conference (8:30am – 4:30am daily) features today’s top leaders presenting on leadership from Willow Creek Community Church (Chicago). The conference counts towards coursework for undergraduate and seminary credit.

Courses available for credit:

a) G139 Foundations of Leadership (first-year undergraduate course)

b) G241 Contemporary Approaches to Leadership (upper-year undergraduate course)

c) EM5105 Administration and Leadership (graduate course for seminary credit)


Check out our 6-course Graduate Certificate in Leadership HERE.

To Register:

Call: (306) 374-6655




1. Audit – $175

2. College Credit – $740 ($615 course fee, $125 GLS fee.*)

3. Seminary Credit –  $1269 (Tuition & Student Fees) + $125 GLS fee* = approx. $1394**

If you register for the Masters course ‘Contemporary Approaches to Leadership’ BEFORE AUGUST 26th, 2017 you will only pay the equivalent of an undergraduate course!!

*Note: The $125 GLS fee is waived for any student who has already attended the GLS for that year. Proof of attendance required.

** Note: A partial subsidy may be available towards the tuition fees of seminary courses taken directly through Horizon. Contact Dr. Kadyschuk for details.


A look at what the students experienced this January 2016.

Session Speakers:

Session 1:  Bill Hybels – Opening Session

Session 2: Jim Collins – Seven Questions: Beyond Good to Great

Ed Catmull – Creativity, Inc: One-on-One with Ed Catmull

Session 3: Adam Grant – A New Perspective on Leadership

Dr. Brene Brown – Rising Strong

Session 4: Sallie Krawcheck – Leadership and Ethics on Wall Street

Albert Tate – Leading with Leftovers


Day 2:

Session 5: Horst Schulze – Creating World Class Service

Sheila Heen – Thanks for the Feedback

Session 6: Brian Houston – Resilience: One-on-One with Brian Houston

Session 7: Sam Adeyemi – Crushing the Power Chasm

Liz Wiseman – Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing

Session 8: Craig Groeschel – Expanding Your Leadership Capacity

We’re often asked…

If I want to do the conference for course credit, what would that include?

Using the Global Leadership Summit sessions as a core, our goal is to personalize the course to be of optimum benefit to your individual ministry setting. Areas of potential emphasis,

  • Leadership theory and practice (for personal growth related to ministry in general, para-church ministry, business, organizational leadership, etc.)
  • Pastoral leadership and/or administration
  • Worship ministry leadership
  • Children’s ministry leadership
  • Youth ministry leadership
  • Organizational theory and behavior or models for effective leadership in a broader global context

Biblical Background

As the body of Christ, the Church is called to serve with two primary mandates:

The ‘Go ye…’ declaration by Jesus in Matthew 28

  • sets out the missions mandate of the Church in the world

A parallel declaration by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4

  • sets out the equipping mandate of the leadership to the Church

Pastors and other ministry leaders are called “to prepare God’s people for works of service.”

Two very practical reasons to heed this call include:

  • It leads to functioning and fulfilled saints of God who are growing and serving through their Spirit-empowered giftings.
  • It leads to happier pastors who do not have to ‘do everything’ to keep the local church going. There will be greater joy in seeing God’s people find their places of service in the Church.

We cannot assume that ministry leaders intuitively know how to provide effective leadership to their organizations and / or departments. Your readings and assignments for this course will not be just theoretical. They will emphasize the functional roles of leadership in a ministry organization, in particular, the ministries of a local church.

The experience of this course can be a building block in your ability to fulfill the injunction which the Apostle Paul gives to the young pastor Timothy: “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable people who also will be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2).

For More Information or to Register

Please e-mail the Assistant Registrar – Jenn Lundy:

For Graduate Level inquiries please e-mail Dr. Ron Kadyschuk: