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Introductory Certificates

Introductory Certificates


Not sure if you want to take a full college program at Horizon?
Looking to take just a few college courses for professional development?
Do you want to take courses from a Christian college and transfer them into a university program?

You are welcome to try taking even just a course or two at Horizon. If you successfully complete 3 college courses with us, we will issue you an Introductory Certificate* to acknowledge your training with us.

*Similar to attending a workshop or seminar for professional development, students who receive an Introductory Certificate are not graduating from a program and, therefore, they do not participate in graduation ceremonies. Nevertheless, all courses students enrol in will be indicated on their transcripts.

Depending on the three courses that you decide to take, you can receive an Introductory Certificate in any of the following areas:
  • Bible
  • Theology
  • Leadership
  • Ministry
  • Christian Communication
  • Christianity and Culture
  • Pentecostal Studies
  • Elective Studies
  • University Transfer (courses pre-approved for transfer to the U of S)
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