Do you find yourself stepping in to serve, leading in front of or behind the scenes, passionate to use your gifts and talents to serve the Kingdom of God? Service and a commitment to grow in the knowledge of grace is a lifelong endeavor for followers of Christ. Christian higher education is an excellent tool to help us steward our lives well.

Yet it often feels out of reach.

Sitting and contemplating

Have you considered taking a course? A program?

It’s not always possible to pursue an exclusively ministerial career path, interrupt work, switch fields, or move to a new city to pursue theological education. But this education is now more in-reach than ever before.

We want to accommodate and support you. We offer multiple start dates, different course formats that are accessible on and off-campus, and you can combine some of our courses with other institutions.

Instructors are reshaping courses so you can learn from afar and still participate fully with others who are taking the same course at the same time. These Distance Education courses are offered in a number of formats, including online (video content), directed-study (text-based), and live-stream.

And pursuing higher education doesn’t mean you have to choose between secular and Christian training. With Horizon Plus+, you can combine courses with other institutions that will set you up to do very well not only in the church but out in the real world.

So what’s holding you back?

Horizon can help you– to live with intentionality, to bring clarity to your values and goals, to hone your skills and talents, and to really dig in to the questions that stir the soul as you pursue excellence, wherever you are called.

Check out our upcoming course schedules. Talk it over with a friend. Pray about it and ask questions.

We are here to help!

Jayna Snider
Jayna is the Communications Coordinator for Horizon College & Seminary.

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