What it’s like at Horizon in the Summer.

The hallways are quiet. Curtains of dorm windows left open blow in the wind. Classrooms sit empty, faded Greek lessons remain on the board. Horizon in the summer reads like the opening scene of a popular dystopian movie. Well, maybe that is a bit dramatic.

The point is, we miss the students. During our school year, a lot of life happens in these hallways. There are plenty of friendly faces who are welcome distractions from our daily tasks. When the students are gone, we as a staff, long for the interactions we get to witness and to be a part of. We miss worshipping alongside you in chapel. The professors miss teaching you what Ἀγάπη means in Greek or the different theologies behind Baptism. We miss seeing you study in the library, or avoid studying altogether. We miss having conversations with you, whether it be tips on how to properly cook rice, reminding you that 8 hours of sleep is a good idea, answering your questions about homework, or walking alongside you during extremely challenging circumstances.

There are several things that set Horizon apart from other institutions of higher education, but one of the most notable differences is the ability for the staff and faculty to truly engage in relationship with the students. We love getting to know each one of you. And not only getting to know you by name and program, but getting to know your favourite colour, if you are lactose intolerant, and whether or not movies make you cry. As a staff and faculty, we love what we have the privilege of being a part of here at Horizon. God has given us the beautiful gift of being able to teach and to mentor each student that walks through these doors.

Summer is not the same at Horizon and we are anxiously awaiting your return in the fall.