The Alvin C. Schindel Library

at Horizon College & Seminary

The Alvin C. Schindel Library at Horizon College is part of the Saskatoon Theological Union Libraries.  When you click on the library catalogue, you will be connected to the resources of all 4 theological colleges of the Saskatoon Theological Union.

At the Alvin C. Schindel library, you will find quiet work study space, quality materials (both reference and circulating) that will support your course work, computer stations with internet, and word processing.  These computer stations have access to electronic files from the Pentecostal Archives including the electronic version of the Pentecostal Testimony periodical from its’ first issue in 1920 to 2001.  One of the computers is set up with the TOEFL course and Mavis Beacon’s Typing Tutorial.

How easy will it be to find what I need? It should be as easy as asking the question.  The librarians and library workers are here to assist in assuring that you get what you need efficiently and easily.