Saskatchewan Health Support


Saskatchewan Health Coverage

As an international student temporarily residing in Saskatchewan to further your education, you may be eligible for Saskatchewan health coverage. You must apply for a Saskatchewan health services card. You must provide proof of full-time enrollment at an accredited educational institute and a valid Study Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. To begin your application, see I want to apply for a health services card.


Health Professionals in Saskatoon

To access the nearest Chiropractor, Doctor, Dentist, and/or Optometrist, search the internet for the appropriate service in Saskatoon. For a list of locations and services, please click here.


Hospitals and Clinics

Saskatoon has three major hospitals and 10 walk-in medi-clinic facilities:


Mental Health Services

Your mental health affects all aspects of your life: social, physical, spiritual, economic, and mental. If at any time you need help or would like access to more resources to aid you in your transition into a new country and environment, the following services are available. Note that for some of these services there is a cost, which will vary dependent on which service you choose.