Horizon 8.0

Horizon Offers a Unique Educational Experience

Our world needs competent Christian leaders, and the need is becoming urgent as Christian leaders increasingly resign and retire from the workforce.

Speaking with industry leaders, ministry practitioners, educators, and our own alumni, we have repeatedly heard the criticism that our traditional educational models have been ineffective in preparing people for 21st Century Christian life and ministry.

Consequently, in 2015 Horizon commemorated our 80th year of ministry by launching “Horizon 8.0,” introducing an innovative way to develop Christian leaders by pioneering Canada’s first competency-based Christian leadership college.

What is “Competency-Based Education”?

Competency-Based Education (CBE) puts the student at the centre of an applied learning experience. That means we are not concerned just about what students know, but about what students demonstrate they can do with their knowledge.

“The strengthening of competency in leadership through Horizon College & Seminary is going to be a key mandate going into the future. As an entire fellowship, we stand with you.”

David Hazzard

Assistant General Superintendent, PAOC

Specifically, we assess students according to six competencies that industry practitioners have identified are necessary to succeed in Christian life and ministry.

These are:

  • Leadership and Administration
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Contextual Awareness
  • Ministry Development
  • Skilled Communication
  • Biblical and Theological Literacy

How is Horizon different from other places?

There are a number of features that make the Horizon learning experience unique:

Supportive community

Horizon students learn within a supportive community of staff and peers that offers both academic and spiritual support.

Classroom learning

Horizon classes occur in various formats: 1-week modules, 6-week terms, and 4-month semesters. Additionally, options exist for online and directed study learning.


Horizon assignments are designed purposefully to help students achieve specific competencies. Students receive extensive feedback on work they submit and, as long as they are showing progress, re-submit their work until they’ve achieved competency.

Revision Week

“Revision Week” occurs the last week of every term, a dedicated time for students to revise their work as necessary in order to achieve competency.

Competencies, not grades

Horizon wants students to achieve competency, not simply pass classes. Students must meet competency on their work in order to progress in their programs. Competencies translate to grades on transcripts for the purpose of transfer to non-competency-based institutions.

Learning labs and academic assistance

Students receive extra-curricular support through weekly learning labs and onsite academic support services.

Off-campus practicums and internships

Students enter into mentored, weekly service practicums, where they apply what they are learning in a real-life ministry context. Pastoral degree students fulfil a full 8-month internship in order to give them real, hands-on experience before graduation.

World-class conferences and workshops

Horizon students experience world-class conferences and workshops as part of their learning. Annually, Horizon licenses private viewing rights to the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, and integrates the Kairos course into our missions training.

Industry-standard certificates and psychometric assessments

Self-awareness is essential to successful Christian leadership. Throughout their programs, Horizon students undertake:

Individualized student portfolios

Throughout their programs, students maintain a growing, online portfolio that showcases their achievements, develops their résumé, and better prepares them to enter the workforce.

Our goal is to graduate competent Christian leaders who are prepared to make a difference in the world.

Horizon College effectively disciples their students to be impact players in the world.

Leyton Erickson

Lead Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Saskatoon

Where can I go to learn more?

If you want to learn more about Horizon’s competency-based model, you can:

  • Watch as our president, Dr. Jeromey Martini, and our Academic Dean, Dr. Rob Lindemann, explain our Horizon 8.0 launch 
  • Contact us at (306) 374-6655 or email: info@horizon.edu