Faculty Sharing: Hear the Heart Behind the Courses

Horizon Seminary invites interested students, ministers, pastors, laypeople, and denominational partners to an information event.

You’re invited to hear Faculty share why they are passionate about their courses. Opportunity will also be provided for Q/A. Further, there will be opportunity to converse with individual faculty after the meeting.

Faculty Sharing Seminary Event May 17, 2023

Faculty Sharing: Hear the Heart Behind the Courses

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
1:30pm – 2:45pm

604 Webster Street (Horizon’s new facility, directly beside Forest Grove Community Church)

OR watch online.

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Faculty presenters include:

  • Susan Wendel, PhD – Seminary Academic Dean; New and Old Testament Studies
  • Heather Tomes, MEd, RPsych – Coordinator for the Master of Arts in Clinical Pastoral Counselling
  • Harry Strauss, DMin – Coordinator for the Master of Arts in Pastoral Leadership and the Master of Divinity; Field Education
  • Andrew Gabriel, PhD – Vice-President of Academics; College Academic Dean; Theology
  • Dale Dirksen, DWS – Adjunct in Worship; Coaching; History
  • Carmen Kampman, DMin (in progress) – Adjunct in Spiritual Formation; Leadership
  • Jeromey Martini, PhD – President; New Testament Studies
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