Because Christianity is by nature a missional faith, every Christian is called to participate in God’s mission in the world.

Instructed by Rev. Murray Cornelius, the “Introduction to Christian Mission” course explores the biblical and theological basis for mission, the missionary movements in history, issues in communicating the gospel with cultural relevance, and various missional strategies and mission models. Students will be equipped to bring the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ to their communities and beyond.

Finally, students will gain insight into identifying, integrating, and fulfilling their personal role in the Mission of God.

2 Corinthians 5:20
Intro to Christian Mission

Professional – P160
3 credits | Prerequisites: none

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March 4 – 8, 2024

(Monday – Friday) 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Instructed by Rev. Murray Cornelius, this course equips students to bring the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ to their communities and beyond. This course will promote personal and spiritual growth by helping students to find their place in God’s mission by applying biblical truth in prayer, by an introduction to the biblical theology of mission and the history of mission, by increasing their awareness of trends and strategies in mission and by developing awareness of contextualized approaches to evangelism and social concern.
Please note: This course includes reading before and during the module.

Rev Murray Cornelius PAOC Saskatoon

Rev. Murray Cornelius, Ph.D. (Cand.)

Christian Mission

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Current students can register for this course by contacting the Registrar’s office. If you are interested in taking this course but have not yet applied, please visit the applicable admissions page.

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Although Horizon offers this class for credit, anyone interested in learning about Christian mission is welcome to join as an auditor.

Auditors do not complete the formal homework for the course and pay only a fraction of the fees ($100.00 audit fee for the entire course; some reading and preparation for the course is required). Contact Keldy Regier to request the auditing application (

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