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Horizon works with you to make your leadership training practical and meaningful according to your interests and ministry goals. Our programs easily combine with studies and certificates from other institutions, allowing you to blend your learning and set you up for bi-vocational ministry. If you have certification or education from a university, college, or technical school, enquire how that might combine with one of our degree options!


Horizon Plus+

Customizable Bi-Vocational Programming

Horizon Plus+ programming allows students to CUSTOMIZE their Christian studies or ministry preparation with approved training from a variety of educational institutions.

A Powerful Combination

Horizon is all about helping leaders develop their God-given gifts and talents to serve God competently for their whole lives. Being a Christian “leader” doesn’t necessarily mean a professional minister, nor is a leader necessarily the one out front.

Studying with Horizon will equip you with essential life skills that will help you succeed in whatever job or schooling you take after your time with us. Many of our most powerful Kingdom leaders are ones serving in everyday occupations, often quietly in the background.


How does it work?

Horizon has 3+1, 2+2, and 2+1 programming options. This means that you can combine a number of years of study at a different institution with studies at Horizon, allowing you to blend training in Bible and ministry with your goal career.

2+2 Programs

A 2+2 program requires an ADDITIONAL (approved & completed) 2 year program to be transferred in. 

  • For example: The “Plus 2” could be a 2 year diploma from Saskatchewan PolyTechnic, Red River College, Bow Valley College, etc.

3+1 or 2+1 Programs

These programs require the transfer in of an ADDITIONAL (approved & completed) 1 year program OR a transfer in of 30 credits, or the equivalent,  from an approved institution. 

  • For example:  The “Plus 1” could be a one year certificate from Saskatchewan PolyTechnic OR 30 credits from the University of Saskatchewan.

NOTE: “plus” requirements must be met within 5 years of the completion of the Horizon portion of studies.

What path will you pursue to build and serve God’s Kingdom, and how can Horizon help?

You have options!

Contact us today to see how university or vocational certification might combine to earn you a bi-vocational degree at Horizon!
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