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In Reach


Do you find yourself stepping in to serve, leading in front of or behind the scenes, passionate to use your gifts and talents to serve the Kingdom of God? Service and a commitment to grow in the knowledge of grace is a lifelong endeavor for followers of Christ. Christian higher education is an excellent tool to help us steward our lives well. Yet it often feels out of reach. Have you considered taking a course? A program? It's not always possible to pursue an exclusively ministerial career path, interrupt work, switch fields, or move to a new [...]

In Reach2021-10-07T14:41:48-06:00

94 Calls, Part III


Forging a Path: Talk 2 - Part 3 This is a continuation of the second installment in our series of discussions on Indigenous reconciliation and the church. Jimmy and Andrew Thunder help us to examine Calls 59 and 60 of the '94 Calls to Action' - as directed to the Christian church.  My church, your church, our generation, did not create this problem - and yet, we have inherited it. It is time to accept this as part of our history, grieve it, and respond with love. Hosted by president Dr. Jeromey Martini, this interview features two Horizon alumni: brothers, [...]

94 Calls, Part III2021-08-17T15:44:30-06:00

Treaty No 1


Today marks the 150th anniversary of the signing of Treaty 1. This is not only significant for our friends in Manitoba but for all Canadians as this was the first of the eleven numbered treaties that were signed after confederation and are an important part of our history. As Christians are reflecting on what it means to be in good relation with each other, it is useful to contrast the treaty-making process with the implementation of the Indian Act. This webinar by Jean Friesen on behalf of Canada's History and the Treaty Relation Commission of Manitoba is one of the assigned [...]

Treaty No 12021-08-13T16:25:48-06:00

New Partnership with Sask Polytech


It's hard to sit on big news for long... A public press release will be happening soon, BUT we wanted to give you the heads-up that Horizon has JUST signed an amazing partnership deal with Saskatchewan Polytechnic! What does that mean? It means that students can combine several of the career-track programs from Sask Polytech with our Christian leadership training! So as students prepare for their career they will also walk away with robust Christian leadership and worldview formation, ready to serve in AND outside the church. Win-win! Pursuing higher education doesn't mean you have to choose [...]

New Partnership with Sask Polytech2021-07-23T14:07:55-06:00

94 Calls, Part II


Forging a Path: Talk 2, Part II  This is part 2 of our second talk in our series of discussions on Indigenous reconciliation and the church.In this section, Jimmy and Andrew Thunder lead us in a deeper dive into the '94 Calls to Action' looking specifically at some of the calls directed to the Christian church.  As believers, we need to understand the doctrines that have been used under the banner of faith to reinforce acts of legislation that lead to the oppression of Indigenous peoples. This will help us to be aware of the barriers that exist when we are [...]

94 Calls, Part II2021-09-17T11:41:40-06:00

94 Calls


Forging a Path: Talk 2 Following the horrific discoveries of Indigenous children's remains found in unmarked graves around the country's residential schools, here is the next installment in a series of discussions featuring two Horizon alumni: brothers, Andrew and Jimmy Thunder. Andrew and Jimmy are Oji-Cree from Sachigo Lake Ontario. Both live in Winnipeg, working to bring reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. This interview highlights the importance of being aware as Canadians (and as Christians) of what the '94 Calls' are all about. You can find more information and the rest of the interviews [...]

94 Calls2021-07-15T09:05:47-06:00

It’s Good For You


Think of the last time you had a really, really good laugh. Proverbs 17:22 says a merry heart is good medicine. Is this merely a "spoon full of sugar", or is there actual scientific evidence to support this metaphor? Why, yes! Otherwise this would be a very short article. Recent research demonstrates that when we laugh, our immune system is strengthened, our mood is boosted, pain levels diminish, and stress levels decrease. 1 Sounds like good medicine to me! Here are just a few more of the positive benefits of having a good belly laugh: [...]

It’s Good For You2021-10-07T14:41:57-06:00

215 Children – Where Do We Go From Here?


Forging a Path: Talk 1 Like many Canadians, when I first heard the news that the bodies of 215 children were discovered buried under a residential school in Kamloops, my reaction was one of horror at what is simply a dehumanizing act. As a Christian, my follow-up reaction focused on the fact that this was a church-run school. I reacted with horror that, again, a Christian organization is implicated in behaving so "un-christianly." My reaction moved to shame, then to distancing and blame (this isn't my church), to worry over witness to the gospel, and finally, back to horror over [...]

215 Children – Where Do We Go From Here?2021-07-15T09:05:18-06:00

Caring for Our Kids


Working with youth and young kids is a huge privilege as well as an increasingly challenging task. Pastors and children's ministry leaders have a lot on their plates these days, and many feel ill-equipped to effectively address the needs of the young people they minister to, particularly in the area of mental health. Mental health challenges affect everyone, and young people are hardly exempt. According to Canada's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health: 70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence.1 Young people aged 15 to 24 are more likely to experience mental illness and/or substance [...]

Caring for Our Kids2021-10-07T14:42:09-06:00

What is a module?


A module is a course that allows you to fit the classroom instruction portion of the course into just 5 days, typically Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. Following the classroom portion, you have six weeks to complete assignments and coursework. Modules are a great option if you have limited time to spend in the classroom! What is the difference between a module and a standard course? The difference is in the way the course is spread out over the semester it falls in. The Horizon academic year has 3 semesters, and each semester has two [...]

What is a module?2021-08-17T15:37:06-06:00
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