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Winter Term D 2022


Below is a quick overview of the upcoming 2022 courses. The last day to register for Term D (March 14 - April 21) is March 17, 2022. College Courses Seminary Courses

Winter Term D 20222022-01-21T19:51:09-06:00

What Have You Got to Lose?


Christian education is more than it used to be. In the olden days – like 20 years ago 😊 – Christians routinely spent a year or more at Bible college after high school. Nowadays, that's become a lot less common. On the one hand, there's been increasing pressure felt to get on with studies that lead directly into the workplace. On the other hand, however, research shows repeatedly that students who take Christian higher education after high school are significantly more likely to keep their Christian faith and to stay engaged in the church.1 Why is Christian higher education [...]

What Have You Got to Lose?2022-01-17T16:55:19-06:00

Ministry Burnout


I've spent a considerable amount of time this past fall visiting with pastors and ministry leaders throughout our constituencies. My friends, there's trouble. When Barna released stats earlier this year that 30% of clergy are likely to leave ministry before this pandemic is over, I confess, I was skeptical. I thought it was an alarmist overstatement. "Maybe in America," I said. "Not here." After engaging with ministry leaders in my limited circles in the past few weeks, I not only became a believer in those stats but I began to say that I fear they might be about 10% low. [...]

Ministry Burnout2021-12-16T16:49:32-06:00

Hiring Next Gen Pastor


Connect Church Connect Church is looking to hire a part-time pastor to engage with the children and youth in our church and broader community. The ideal candidate will have experience recruiting, equipping, and leading volunteers and will be a person who relates well with people of different ages and backgrounds and is highly team oriented. Interested applicants can email resume with references to luke@connectchurchyxe.com Job Description

Hiring Next Gen Pastor2021-12-16T13:36:34-06:00

Let’s Get Acquainted


Seminary Coffee Event One of Saskatoon's secrets is the phenomenal opportunity that exists with seminary studies through Horizon College and Seminary. To remedy this, we are inviting pastors, ministers, and interested students to a "Let's Get Acquainted" coffee event The date is Tuesday, December 14th, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m., at Horizon’s new facility, 604 Webster Street (directly beside Forest Grove Community Church). You can also attend online via Zoom by clicking here. The event will provide opportunity to hear from seminary faculty: Susan Wendel, Seminary Academic Dean; New and Old Testament Studies Ron Kadyschuk, Affiliate Faculty; Leadership, Homiletics [...]

Let’s Get Acquainted2021-12-06T13:37:21-06:00

LWC Director of Facilities


Living Waters Camp is in need of a Director of Facilities to start in the spring of 2022. Click here for the job description. This isn't just a job; it is a ministry to the LWC Family. Inquiries may be sent to LWC Camp Chair, Matt Bombay at mattbombay@hotmail.com Job Description

LWC Director of Facilities2021-11-26T15:25:37-06:00

Who Cares if Jesus is God?


The Bible teaches that Jesus really is God. Dr. Jeromey Martini explores the ways in which this shaped early Christians and what difference it should make for us, today. (Original message delivered at Lloydminster Gospel Fellowship Church) Listen to the full message What difference does it make if Jesus is God? I'm working with the assumption that you're at least aware that, by and large, Christians hold that "Jesus is God." That's probably not going to be new to you, although you may not know exactly how that all fits together. Many people don't. Read [...]

Who Cares if Jesus is God?2022-01-03T16:01:00-06:00

Is Jesus really God?


President Dr. Jeromey Martini examines the biblical teaching that Jesus is God and how this shaped early Christians. In the next article, explore what difference this should make for us, today. (Original message delivered at Lloydminster Gospel Fellowship Church) Listen to the full message Three 1's and a 2 "If I want to find out if Jesus is God in the Bible, where do I look?" Here is a quick cheat-sheet. The three 1's are John 1, Colossians 1, and Hebrews 1. The 2 is Phillipians 2. "In the beginning was the [...]

Is Jesus really God?2021-12-19T12:26:30-06:00

Winter Term C 2022


Below is a quick overview of the upcoming 2022 courses. The last day to register for Term C (Jan 17 - Feb 25) is January 20. College Courses Seminary Courses

Winter Term C 20222022-01-21T19:12:24-06:00
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