Horizon delivers the very best in competency-based education, preparing Christian leaders for Spirit-empowered life and ministry in the 21st century. Students at both the undergrad and graduate levels receive exceptional Christian leadership training as they work towards their individual goals; perhaps discovering and fulfilling their calling, preparing for a career in ministry, and certainly, growing deeper in their relationship with God.

Enrolling as a full-time student is a transformational and worthwhile endeavour, and Horizon is working very hard to make Christian education more accessible.

But what about those who desire to grow but aren’t able to commit to even part-time studies?

Enter, Auditing!

For some courses, there may be the option to apply to join as an auditor. Auditing is not for credit, but simply participating in classes for the sake of personal and spiritual growth. Auditors don’t submit assignments, but the professor may suggest some recommended reading to best prepare for class discussions.

To get the most out of the class, auditors should definitely order the textbooks and complete the readings for their own interest! Auditors are encouraged to engage with staff and students and are welcome to join in the class discussions. As well, auditing is offered at a reduced course fee.

If there is a limit on class size, priority will be given to students taking the course for credit and auditors will be placed on a waiting list. Auditors join the class in person on campus, or by live-streaming with Zoom. In some cases, the live-stream option may be limited or unavailable to auditors.

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Even while there are a few limitations to consider, overall, auditing is a great way to test the waters of Christian higher education and a tremendous opportunity to grow personally and spiritually.

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Next Steps

If you see a course on the schedule that grabs your attention, pray and consider whether becoming a student is where you are called, or whether auditing a course or two might be the path to start with. Either way, taking the time to study God’s word in community and engaging with our faculty will enrich your Christian life.

If you would like to audit, please email our Admissions department at info@horizon.edu to request the link to the application. Once they have received and approved your audit application you will be contacted to confirm your course registration. If you have questions, contact Keldy Regier in our admissions department (kregier@horizon.edu) for more information.

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Jayna Snider
Jayna is the Communications Coordinator for Horizon College & Seminary.