Module Accommodations

Both our College and Seminary programs are flexible – allowing students to study largely off campus. However, during Modules, students may decide to attend an on-campus course. This would likely mean you are in need of accommodation and we want to help you in that process!

If you are a Horizon student traveling to Saskatoon from out of town for a Module and in need of accommodations, here are some options:


We have reached out to various churches around Saskatoon and have a list of willing billets that could accommodate you during your on-campus Module course.

Billets are largely providing out-of-town students with a place to sleep and a bathroom. Billets are not responsible for feeding students. Students are responsible for their own food needs. Some billets might offer some fridge space, breakfast each morning, or invite you for supper a couple of nights, but this would be on the billets own initiative.

Some of our billets have more than one room available. If you are travelling with a group of 2 or more, let Cathy know and she can provide you with contact for billets that can host more than one student.

Each billet charges $100/week/student.
Please contact Cathy Litzgus at Horizon College & Seminary’s main office (306-374-6655) for more information!


If you visit, you can look up accommodations in Saskatoon that are available for the week of your Module.

Bed & Breakfasts Saskatoon

Listed on this website are various Bed & Breakfast options offered in Saskatoon. Take a look to see if some of them are available during your Module course!