Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit Horizon College & Seminary (HCS) before I apply?

Yes!!! Please contact our office, (306)374-6655 or, to set up a date and time.

How much does it cost to attend HCS?
Can I apply for a student loan if I'm attending HCS?

Yes! Horizon College & Seminary is a designated college under the Canada Student Loan Program. This qualifies students to apply for various sponsored loan programs as well as the national program under the EI code CPAO. Students expecting to use loans should make arrangements in early summer. Detailed information and applications for Student Loans are available at:

The National Student Loans Service Centre

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! We have a total of 13 scholarships available. For a full list of available scholarships and awards please click HERE.

We have four small Entry-level Scholarships available to new applicants. To apply for these, make sure you check them off in your application. Our Entry-level scholarships include:

    For a freshman in the diploma or degree program who, in the estimation of the admissions’ committee, shows the most promise for contributing to the music ministry at Horizon. Meeting any of the following criteria will be sufficient for consideration: recommendation of a pastor and/or faculty, evidence of abilities in music, recognized musical accomplishments.
    For a married student(s) entering (freshman) a diploma or degree program in the pastoral stream.
    Two scholarships are available to students entering at the freshman year level of a diploma or degree program who, in the estimation of the admissions’ committee, show leadership potential and give evidence of a definite calling to the ministry.
    Awarded to a SK student committed to a minimum of one year at Horizon, who is exploring their call to ministry and demonstrates a financial need. Funds to be credited to their account in the spring semester.

Additional scholarships are awarded at the end of each academic year during the graduation ceremony.

I've already attended another college. Can I transfer credits in?

Horizon College & Seminary (HCS) considers transfer credit from a variety of post-secondary institutions. Applicants desiring advanced standing at HCS on the basis of previous work must have official transcripts forwarded directly from the institution where the credits were earned. The Registrar will then determine if a course is comparable to a HCS course. Please see our Transfer of Credit policy for more information.

Does HCS accept International Students?

Yes! Horizon College & Seminary is a Designated Learning Institution, enabling international students to study at Horizon. For more information please see our International Student’s page.

Does HCS accept Homeschooled students?

Yes! Horizon College & Seminary accepts homeschooled students. For more information please see our Admissions Policies on what you need to do to apply.

Is HCS accredited?

Yes! We are accredited! For more information please see our Accreditations and Affiliations page.

Can I work while attending HCS?

Yes! Our unique timetable enables you to work as either a full-time or part-time student.

What is the deadline for applying?

Canadian students can apply up until 2 business days before the start date of the term that they wish to start. Note: HCS has four terms during the year.

International students’ application deadline is June 30 of the year they wish to start.

Do you offer online or distance education?

Yes, we do! For more information see our Alternative Education page.