Transfer Credit Policy:

Horizon College & Seminary (HCS) considers transfer credit from a variety of post-secondary institutions. Applicants desiring advanced standing at HCS on the basis of previous work must have official transcripts forwarded directly from the institution where the credits were earned. The Registrar will then determine if a course is comparable to a HCS course. Applicants wishing to transfer credits should take note of the following:



1.      Evidence of honorable dismissal from all other schools attended is required. Those courses that a student seeks to transfer should have a minimum grade of C or its equivalent according to HCS’s grading scale.

2.      To be transferable, a course must be the equivalent or near to the equivalent of the HCS program requirements, or fit within the  maximum number of elective hours in the particular program selected.

3.      A student from an Association of Biblical Higher Education (formerly the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges accredited school will receive full credit for equivalent courses provided grades earned were C (or its equivalent according to HCS’s grading scale) or above and that the courses parallel requirements outlined in the program selected.

4.      Grades for credits transferred will not appear on the transcript nor will they be considered when calculating a student’s grade point average.

5.      Diploma and Degree students wishing to graduate from HCS will need to take at least 30 credit hours at HCS.

6.      Concerning Recognized Unaccredited Colleges:

a) Applicants from a recognized unaccredited college, as deemed by the ‘Admission Committee’ may potentially receive up to 50% credit for courses taken there.

b) Applicants from a recognized unaccredited college deemed to exceed minimum standards may receive more than 50% credit for courses, provided residency requirements are met.

c) Transfer credit will only be awarded upon completion of 15 credit hours of study at HCS  with a minimum average of a C letter grade.

d) The courses must meet HCS’s transfer credit criteria of a minimum mark of C letter grade or equivalent and must parallel courses in their chosen program of study as core or elective credit.

e) Along with official transcripts applicants may be asked to provide appropriate documentation to demonstrate that the courses taken at the recognized unaccredited college parallel HCS’s courses.

7.      In relation to correspondence schools:

a) All requests for correspondence credit require assessment and approval by the Registrar.


Appealing Transfer Credit Decision

If you think you have a valid basis for appealing a transfer credit evaluation, you can appeal through the Registrar’s office. You will be asked to provide evidence that an adjustment to the transfer credit decision is merited. This evidence will be reviewed by an Appeals Committee.


Transfer of Credits for Courses Taken after Admission (Post-Admission Credits)

Admitted full or part time students, and students on leave, who wish to take courses offered by other post-secondary institutions towards their program at HCS must apply through the Registrar’s office for a letter of permission to be a visiting student. The courses to be taken must be specified. Following completion of the approved courses, an official transcript must be sent from the host institution to HCS in order for any transfer credits to be applied to the student’s file.


Credit Transfer to Other Colleges and Universities

HCS students have been able to transfer courses to many other colleges and universities. Each institution determines which credits taken at HCS will transfer into a student’s program of study based on the program requirements of the chosen degree. It is advisable to consult with the school you are applying to regarding transfer credits. Several provinces provide online credit transfer guides to assist students with their transfer inquiries, such as SaskCAT in Saskatchewan.


Pre-Admission Transfer Analysis Request
If you’re thinking about coming to Horizon College and Seminary, but you’d like to find out how much transfer credit you’ll get before applying, we can do a tentative analysis for C$25. If you choose to apply to Horizon College and Seminary afterwards, the $25 paid for the transfer analysis will be applied towards your application fee.



Transfer Credit Designated Courses for YWAM:

Horizon College will transfer 9 credit hours for YWAM Discipleship Training School. These credits will be allotted to the following courses:

·       Evangelism 3 cr.

·       Intro to Missions 3 cr.

·       Bible Elective 3 cr.