Pastoral Leadership

“The theological training I received at Horizon has enabled me to teach people the Word of God.”

Jordan McLellan

Associate Pastor, Soul Sanctuary, Winnipeg

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Theology

Our Pastoral Leadership major prepares you broadly for pastoral ministry in the local church. The major exposes you to a range of ideas and ministry practices, equipping you to handle the various situations that arise in church ministry. The program isn’t all theory: you put what you learn into practice during a supervised 8-month ministry internship.

B.A. vs B.Th. What’s the difference?

Mostly the difference is in the name. Historically, students training for ministry received either a Diploma or a Bachelor’s in Theology. In the 1980s, Bible Colleges on the prairies began offering the Bachelor of Arts degree. At Horizon, students earning the B.Th. must take two semesters of Greek as part of their program – though Greek is available to B.A. students as well!



Diploma in Pastoral Leadership

If you are aiming at credentialed ministry but do not want to commit to a full Bachelor’s degree, our Diploma in Pastoral Leadership offers the content of our Pastoral Leadership major in concentrated form. This 3-year Diploma includes a supervised 4-month internship in a local church.

Advanced Certificate in Christian Leadership

The two-year (64 credit hour) Advanced Certificate serves as the foundation for our B.A. in Pastoral Leadership or stands alone to ground you in the basics of Christian thought and practice, establishing a foundation for life and ministry as you move on to vocational training or employment.

Certificate in Christian Leadership

Our one-year (32 credit hour) certificate in Christian Leadership emphasizes your personal and spiritual development. You will be grounded in the basics of Christian thought and practice, establishing a foundation for life and ministry.