Choose Your Path

At Horizon we are guided by the conviction that Christ is continually calling leaders to advance God’s Kingdom. We recognize that Christian leadership takes different forms, and our programs follow different paths to prepare leaders called to different areas of Christian life and ministry.

Our programs follow two paths. One path leads you to professional, credentialed ministry. The other path aims to establish your personal Christian life, preparing you to lead for Christ whatever your vocation or context. Those who take our one-year Certificate program can join either program path, or it can serve as a stand-alone, unique experience.

Professional Ministries

Bachelor of Arts or Theology Programs

  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Youth Ministries
  • Children’s Ministries

Diploma in Pastoral Leadership

Advanced Certificate in Christian Leadership

Certificate in Christian Leadership

  • General Track
  • PAOC Credential Track
  • Worship Track

Christian Life

Bachelor of Arts Programs

  • Christian Studies Honours
  • Christian Studies

Advanced Certificate in Christian Studies

Certificate in Christian Leadership

  • General Track
  • Worship Track

What can I do with my Horizon Degree?

Many students choose to begin their education at Horizon and continue with further education in anything from engineering to nursing to carpentry. For those who choose to complete a full degree at Horizon, there are also many possible career paths.

Career paths include:

  • Lead Pastors
  • Youth Pastors
  • Children’s Pastors
  • Global Workers
  • Chaplain Work (e.g. Prison Ministry)
  • NGOs and Non-Profit Workers
  • Social Sector
  • Religious Education

Some graduates also choose to pursue further education at the graduate level in areas such as biblical studies, theology, ministry, counseling, or leadership.

Additionally, a Horizon education gives foundational skills in critical thinking, public speaking, writing, cultural awareness, and leadership, as well as prayer, scripture reading, and other spiritual disciplines to help guide you through life. These important skills can open the door to numerous career opportunities.

For additional ideas on potential career paths see this helpful brochure and this document.

Horizon’s Graduation Statistics

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