Frequently Asked Questions

What is Competency-Based Education (CBE)?

Competency-Based Education (CBE) is identified as a 2014 top trend in higher education by both Forbes and The Atlantic. CBE is a model of education that:

  • begins where a student ends, directing all learning to achieve that end
  • ensures students possess actual competencies and not just pass classes
  • accommodates learners of various ages, learning styles, and academic ability.

Horizon offers a DISTINCT model of Christian leadership training:

Top-quality graduates who demonstrate our core leadership competencies and who go on to serve in ministry positions, professional or volunteer.

Top-quality faculty who demonstrate expertise in their primary areas of instruction by living out and displaying academic, pastoral, and administrative proficiency.

Innovative programming that emphasizes student- versus instructor-centred teaching, and applied versus abstract learning.


How do I register for courses?

To register for courses, you will need to contact the Assistant Registrar via email ( or phone (306) 374-6655.

How do I withdraw or change a course?

1.    Course Changes

a.    Students may change courses within the first week of classes. Following the first week, students must officially withdraw from the course before the withdrawal date or they will receive a Not Yet Meeting Competency designation on their transcript.
b.    To Withdraw or Change a course a student must fill out the Course Change Form found by the student mailboxes.

2.    Withdrawal from Courses

a.    Modules: Before the second day of classes
b.    Weekend Courses: Within the week following the first weekend of classes
c.    Term A: September 29, 2016
d.    Term B: November 17, 2016
e.    Term C: February 2, 2017
f.     Term D: March 29, 2017

Why do I need a copy of my Program Sheet?

Students are responsible for keeping track of their progress during their program. Retaining your Program Sheet is the most effective way to track your progress and ensure you meet all requirements for graduation.

Where do I find my grades or competency levels online?

Students can find their grades under the student tab on their Populi account. Populi is our course management system. If your Populi account is locked you will need to inquire with the Business Manager (

Our competency-based education course management system is currently under development, therefore, students will need to contact their Professors for their competency levels.

How do I request a transcript?

To request a transcript you will need to fill out the transcript request form, pay the $10.00 fee, and email the form to the Assistant Registrar (

How do I know if I am close to graduating?

Students can check their progress by tracking their course grades and requirements on their Program Sheet, which they can obtain from the Assistant Registrar. Another approach is to make an appointment with the Dean of Students or Assistant Registrar.

Which courses transfer to the University of Saskatchewan?

You can find the transferable courses on the U of S website HERE. NOTE: The number of courses transferable to the U of S will vary depending upon which U of S program you take and how many Arts and Humanities electives are available in your program. Most Horizon courses transfer as Arts and Humanities courses. Horizon courses also transfer to other universities but must be assessed by that university on a course-by-course basis.

University of Saskatchewan Transfer Courses Include:

B110 Intro to The Old Testament

B115 Intro to The New Testament

B260 Synoptic Gospels

G105 English Literature I

G106 English Literature II

G110 History of the Christian Era

G330 Reason and Christian Belief

G430 Film & Faith

Do you offer online or distance education?

Yes, we do! For more information please see our Alternative Education page.