A Year at Horizon

“I am not interested in professional ministry, so how could one year at Horizon help me succeed in work, school, and life after?”

We believe that all Christians are called to serve in God’s Kingdom, no matter our occupation. One year at Horizon will help you serve God’s Kingdom well, non-professionally. In the process, a year at Horizon will also equip you with essential life skills that will help you succeed in whatever job or schooling you take after your year with us.

“Horizon College effectively disciples their students to be impact players in the world.”

Leyton Erickson

Lead Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Saskatoon

After one year at Horizon, you’ll come away with:

  • Better written and oral communication skills
  • Greater personal awareness of who you are and how you best work, supported by industry-standard reports from:
    • LASSI Inventory
    • Emotional Intelligence Inventory
    • StrengthsFinder Inventory
  • Ministry work experience you can include on a résumé
  • Basic Christian worldview formation
  • Skills for interpreting the Bible for others and for your own growth
  • Practices to enhance your spiritual life
  • Basic leadership skills
  • An international conference experience with the Global Leadership Summit
  • A current résumé
  • A personalized, online portfolio that can showcase your accomplishments to prospective employers