ABHE Accreditation

Horizon College & Seminary is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) Commission on Accreditation to grant certificates and degrees at the Baccalaureate and Master’s levels. ABHE has accredited Horizon’s undergraduate programs since 1997. In 2020, they extended accreditation to Horizon’s M.A. in Ministry Leadership. See our history.

Horizon deeply values accountability and accreditation. ABHE accreditation provides a form of quality assurance by offering peer-reviewed standards of operation that assures our constituency and students that their best interests are being looked after.

Over the past five years, Horizon has assertively expanded to pioneer distinct, competency-based, multi-denominational education, and to transition to a brand-new facility with controlled rather than variable expenses. During this time, we knew we would need to operate at financial capacity, testing our compliance with certain ABHE standards to see our expansions succeed. We did this self-consciously, secure in the knowledge not only that we are operating in obedience to the direction we sensed God leading us but also understanding that these moves position us for long-term financial security.

Consequently, the ABHE Commission on Accreditation has placed Horizon College & Seminary on warning for weaknesses in satisfying the following accreditation standards.

  • COE 19 (a financial base indicating that the institution can achieve its mission and goals within a balanced budget and at a safe level of debt)
  • Standard 6b, EE 3 (cultivation of adequate revenue streams sufficient to realize institutional goals)
  • Standard 6b, EE 6 (Sufficient financial reserves to enable effective response to unforeseen financial circumstances and enrollment fluctuations)

ABHE notes: “Horizon retains accredited status with ABHE during this period of warning, and will be subject to periodic monitoring, which may include progress reports and/or focused visits by Commission on Accreditation staff or evaluation teams. If weaknesses are not resolved within the time specified (usually one year), the Commission on Accreditation may (1) extend the warning for a second year, (2) place the institution on probation, (3) order the institution to show cause why its accreditation status should be continued, or (4) withdraw accreditation status. Warning is rarely extended beyond two years.”

As Horizon enters the final phase of our transition, relocating to our new facility in December 2020, we anticipate having fully addressed the concerns raised by our accrediting body and a return to full compliance with ABHE standards. We are grateful for our association with ABHE and both their accountability and support during this period of transition.


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