Horizon College students are required to participate in weekly practical ministry as part of their education.

This year, our students have contributed more than 700 hours of hands-on ministry since September! We invited our ministry mentors and students to gather and celebrate the impact this year’s ministry has had – not only on those ministered to, but on our students and the mentors themselves.

Horizon student body president, Deloney Krahn shared these words:

ministry formation class bible school Saskatoon

“Ministry Formation has given us all volunteer experience in ministry. It has helped us learn to lead, it has helped some of us learn how to preach, and how to minister to all kinds of people, whether adults, young adults, youth, or children.

It has helped us learn how to greet, and most importantly, how to serve, and we would like to take this time to thank those who make this class happen.

This class is a very crucial part of many students’ ministry development, and we are all very thankful to Dr. Strauss and the faculty here who help him make this class possible.

We would also like to thank all of the supervisor/mentors who have given Horizon students ministry opportunities, and who have helped us grow in our walk with Christ.

Ministry Formation course