Facing the Darkness of Grief and Loss

Heart hurting? Missing someone you love? Last time I shared the story of Gerald, a man who lost the people he loved most in this world to a terrible accident. He gave us a courageous charge in the face of loss: head into the darkness until you reach the sunshine – it’s there – on the other side of the deep, dark valley of grief. Keep going. Oh, and don’t forget to hold tightly to the hand of Jesus – He is right there beside you.

While you are searching for the sunshine again, here are a few things to remember:

Perspective matters.

Grief is a natural response to pain and loss. There is nothing wrong with grieving. It is God’s built-in healing process to help us recover from loss in a healthy way.

Grief is temporary.

Grief has a purpose, but it also has a limit. There will be an end to mourning, especially for those who are followers of Jesus Christ – He promises to wipe away every tear from our eyes, and He promises there will be no more death, or pain, or sorrow… just imagine that (Revelation 21:4).

Express your feelings to God.

God hears your prayers for help and comfort as you process the pain of grief. When David was in the midst of deep sorrow, he wrote to God:

You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.
Psalm 56:8

Picture that. Go on, take a moment, and just… picture that in your mind’s eye. The Sovereign God who created the entire universe with a word… He is the One who stoops down to collect your tiny teardrops in a bottle. A bottle with your name on it.

And He doesn’t just stop there. He records every one of your tears in His book. A notebook of your tears? Who does that? He does that. He does that, because He loves you. Because He cares deeply about your pain. He sees your grief. He doesn’t disdain it. He captures it and records it. It matters to Him – more than you can even comprehend, beloved, especially when your heart is shrouded by the clouds of grief. And one day, He will make ALL things new.

Bottles by greg-rosenke

Share your pain with others.

Reach out to a friend, family member, or a trained counsellor to support you as walk through this dark valley in search of sunshine again. You do not journey alone.

Read to understand.

Sometimes the pain is too intense or feels too fresh to talk about with others. Books make the best of friends! They can be a tremendous comfort, and can bring understanding to what you are going through. Here are some of my best-book-friends that I have found comforting during times of grief and loss: Recovering from Losses in Life by H. Norman Wright and Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

This darkness won’t last. The sun will shine again.

Article provided by Heather Tomes, revised by Jayna Snider

Jayna Snider
Jayna is the Communications Coordinator for Horizon College & Seminary.