We all know that COVID has had an effect on the body of believers and our churches, but certainly there are other challenges that existed well beforehand.

One such being the growing group of people in our world who are ‘none and done’ with the faith. Increasingly we see those who never have or no longer profess faith in God.

How can the church reach out to this post-Christian generation?

As we take inventory and consider what is essential to our faith, it really is a beautiful invitation to go back to our basics, back to our first love, back to our calling – living naturally supernatural lives in community with other believers.

It may sound daunting, but oh, be encouraged. We have an opportunity to introduce a generation to Jesus Christ, and we don’t have to do it alone. Jesus doesn’t leave us to our own devices. He provides His Spirit, He goes before us, arranging encounters and breakthroughs.

Let’s come together, church, and rediscover what it means to be a missionary, here in Canada. Invite others into your home. Talk about your lives. Make room for God to move and trust Him to do it! Pray for the young men and women in Canada today and the leaders who work with them.


I hope you will take a moment to listen to these encouragements from four of Canada’s denominational leaders.

Together, and by the power of the Spirit, we can proclaim the gospel – the good news that combats the false narratives of today. Truth is alive!

Jayna Snider

Jayna is the Communications Coordinator for Horizon College & Seminary

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