Forging a Path: Talk 2, Part II  

This is part 2 of our second talk in our series of discussions on Indigenous reconciliation and the church.

In this section, Jimmy and Andrew Thunder lead us in a deeper dive into the ’94 Calls to Action’ looking specifically at some of the calls directed to the Christian church.  As believers, we need to understand the doctrines that have been used under the banner of faith to reinforce acts of legislation that lead to the oppression of Indigenous peoples. This will help us to be aware of the barriers that exist when we are preaching the gospel to our Indigenous friends. The gospel message must be clear not only through our words, but through our actions.

Hosted by president Dr. Jeromey Martini, this interview features two Horizon alumni: brothers, Andrew and Jimmy Thunder. Andrew and Jimmy are Oji-Cree from Sachigo Lake Ontario. Both live in Winnipeg, working to bring reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.

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Jeromey Martini, President