This may seem like an obvious statement, but people often tend to shy away from the terms ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’– perhaps because of feelings of inadequacy, negative experiences, or misconceptions on the subject. But leadership is so important, for all of us. Here are some thoughts on what good leadership is and why it matters.

Why is competence in leadership so important?

  • Competent leadership was at the heart of what Jesus did when he called his disciples to go out and transform the world with his message.
  • Leaders at all levels in our world today are called to respond, sometimes at a moment’s notice, to critical problems (the coronavirus or racial injustice, for example). Seeing the effects of good, competent leadership and of poor leadership highlights the necessity for strong leadership and administration.
  • It is essential that ALL students be equipped to be strong leaders because life throws things at us that we don’t expect and can’t control. We can set plans and map out a course to get from point A to point B, but we will find ourselves having to make adjustments on the fly because situations in life do not always align with our plans.
  • Leadership is not about having all the answers but about being able to make the right decisions in the moment to get ourselves and others from one place to another, as safely as possible.
  • If students are prepared with the right equipment, tools and judgement, they will be able to make sound leadership decisions and make a difference in this world as they do so.
  • We will often be put into a position of leadership when we’re not looking for it and have to embrace it, whether we feel prepared or not. It is our goal for all Horizon students to be ready with the basic skills and equipment to be able to step up when leadership is required.
  • Leadership is crucial to what we do as Christian believers and disciples of Jesus.

Jeromey Martini, President

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