According to The Millenial Mosaic, 2019: Almost HALF of millennials believe that the growth of atheism is good for Canada and prefer to live without God or congregation.

What does this mean for the church?

We have things like COVID come along, mass social injustice, a world that seems to be coming apart… and there are all kinds of narratives one can try to find to explain these things (political, sociological, etc).

As Christians, we DO have a story that makes sense of our world. We HAVE a story, but based on the data, we’ve neglected telling that story in a robust, relevant way. As Generation Z introduces the church to its first fully post-Christian generation, this is more important than ever. If we don’t tell our God-story well, where is anybody to find it? Where does the past generation, the next generation, where does THIS generation, find it?

How do we make sense of our world, and how do we make sense of God in our world?

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Watch the full message shared by Horizon president Dr. Jeromey Martini at Calvary Temple, Brandon, Manitoba, in fall 2020.

Jeromey Martini, President

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