Effective this Monday, November 30, we ARE temporarily moving classes online for the rest of this semester in anticipation of a return to onsite classes after Christmas.

This means classes will NOT be hosted in the classrooms for the remainder of 2020. However, we are NOT locking down the campus and you will continue to have access to the facility, including library and meeting rooms,  provided you fully observe all safety protocols.



Given the rapid increase of cases in Saskatoon and our community’s various comings and goings within the city, the event of a positive case emerging on campus seems more likely than not. Given the size of our institution, it would only take a single positive COVID case to effectively shut us down for quarantine.

If COVID were to break out on campus with full staff and student attendance, in a worst-case scenario we would become a vector for COVID and have it spread throughout our Horizon community, some of whom live with severely high-risk people at home; for whom COVID could be fatal.

We will continue to keep the building open for student access and use so long as they follow prescribed protocols. Our intent is to thin the number of people coming onto campus and thereby reduce the chances or impact of COVID on our campus (fewer people would reduce the impact of a positive case).

Significantly, we are not being forced to make this move by the province. Instead, we are choosing to do this proactively in the hopes that we can avoid being mandated to shut down in the future.

On one hand, this allows us to voluntarily play our part in getting this outbreak under control within our wider Saskatchewan and Canadian community. Doing so gives us an opportunity to provide some positive Christian witness. Believe it or not, not all Christians are perceived as or have been presenting themselves as caring about their neighbours in a Christ-like way. Additionally, acting now allows us to operate in a mediating way where we can still provide physical space to care for our staff and students and hopefully avoid a full lockdown– which would likely complicate our plan of reopening in January.


Continuing Services

  • 10:39 chapel – these chapels will continue online Tuesdays at 10:50am.
  • Student life – we will share more information about Student Life at next Tuesday’s chapel.
  • In-person connections – students are still welcome to come on campus for support and to meet with Pastor Bob or Jessie, and with other faculty and staff.
  • Library – Library materials are accessible from the library but can also be mailed within Saskatoon or elsewhere. And, as a reminder, you can access many excellent resources through the Digital Theological Library.
  • Ministry formation – Given that more churches are moving to online worship services, Dr. Strauss will follow up with students in ministry formation.


Privileges & Obligations

Our ability to stay open in this capacity depends upon all of us observing the required protocols. If these protocols are not maintained, it may result in individuals being excluded from the campus or a full campus closure. Some students went through a more severe form of closure last spring when we fully locked-down our campus – if that is you, you can be a help to those who are navigating this for the first time.

To all our students, you are so important to us. Although this is a tumultuous time, we also know that in just such times God does some of His most profound work in us. We are privileged to serve you and to stand with you as He does.

Jeromey Martini, President