In a time when we all have unprecedented access to information and are inundated daily with a constant stream of messages, Pastor Bob reminds us of the importance of taking time each day to absorb the messages in God’s word.

Clearly, electronics touches countless aspects of our lives nowadays, but how many of us have any understanding of just how they really work? Focusing on a small facet of this modern phenomenon demonstrates how far electronics have come since the 1930s. Nearly all of our electronics back then were run by a small sealed glass tube. A high voltage was placed on some of the pins in the vacuum tube wherein a small change of current on some pins would manifest as a bigger change on other pins. It basically worked as an amplifier, but it generated intense heat. In the 1970s, researchers figured out how to make the vacuum tube device much smaller and birthed the transistor. These were incredibly small, light and cheap, and didn’t generate the heat that tubes did. Things like transistor radios became small and portable. Next, they figured out how to take transistors and put them on a thin wafer of silicone to develop the integrated circuit which could accommodate about 30 transistors. In the 80s and 90s, technicians learned how to make transistors progressively smaller until they had developed the microprocessor. These evolved from early versions which had almost a million processors on the plate to today’s models which feature about 1.75 billion processors on a wafer a couple of inches square.

Yet, as amazing as the fast-paced evolution of electronics has been, the most intriguing thing about them is that they can be programmed. One can write a program, store it on a small integrated circuit called a PIC and call it up repeatedly. In fact, a PIC can run instructions about 8 billion times per second. It can do some incredible things like instruct LEDs to light up in different patterns and power remote controls that send information from a transmitter to a receiver. It does this by turning binary code into flashes of light that switch on and off in the infra-red spectrum that can’t be seen by the naked eye.


Electronics continue to become smaller, faster, cooler, and more efficient at turning instructions into action. The greatest power of these smart electronic devices lies in the fact that they can be programmed to beam messages and instructions rapidly from one place to another, enabling us to do things considered impossible a decade ago. In fact, electronics dominate life today in that we are constantly receiving instructions and messages (overt and subliminal) from all kinds of sources.

LED message demonstration

…Electronics dominate life today in that we are constantly receiving instructions and messages (overt and subliminal) from all kinds of sources.

How critical it is then to spend a few minutes each day exposing ourselves to the truth in God’s word! That is the best way to counteract the onslaught of messages, often through electronic means, that we are receiving from the world around us. We need to immerse ourselves in God’s instructions in order to cultivate the fruit of the spirit that comes from his transforming message.

Gleanings from Pastor Bob Williamson’s Words of Wisdom videos, 2020
Summarized by Cheryl Ashton

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