An open letter to our constituency


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everybody. It’s changed our everyday behaviours, disrupted our regular social patterns, and affected our spiritual and mental health.

In the span of one week, Horizon went from a vibrant on-campus community to a locked-down and mostly empty facility.

We don’t take for granted how seamlessly we were able to transition from in-class to exclusively online course delivery. I know many colleagues and students in other institutions
who are still struggling with the transition. Thankfully, we had the infrastructure and practised
professors already in place.

But for all that, the COVID-19 crisis still left a significant mark. The financial impact of the epidemic hit us fast and hit us hard.

Our revenue streams decreased almost immediately by over 60%. As I spent those early days of the crisis speaking with donors, I heard again and again how this crisis has been financially “devastating” to many of our supporting individuals and businesses.

We reacted quickly, forced to move into low-battery mode by imposing wage reductions and layoffs for key employees.

And I have never been more proud to serve at any workplace or ministry.

Even reduced and laid off, our staff have risen up sacrificially to continue serving our students and our mission with unwavering devotion. They believe in what we do and keep on doing it no matter the cost. As the Apostle Paul told his Philippians, “I thank my God every time I think about you!”

Like charities and businesses the world over, Horizon is hurting from this pandemic. But we aren’t destroyed. We have a bright future.

  • Our new facility continues to be built on Attridge, growing taller and more complete each day.
  • The sale of our Jackson Ave property is slated for the end of December.
  • We have exciting new programs starting this September, and an exciting array of online classes you can take with us this spring and summer.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a terrible, furious storm, and it leaves none of us untouched.

But it IS a storm. It WILL pass, and we WILL emerge on the other side of it.

Our job – ALL of our jobs – is to be found faithful in the waiting. And so as I inform you about our situation, I also invite you to wait faithfully with us.

Please join us in waiting with your prayers, and even send your prayer requests on to us.

Join us for one or more of our online summer courses – free for you to audit.

Join us, if you’re able to, with your giving, but know that we are with you and fully understand if you aren’t able at this time to give.

And finally, as we wash our hands, don’t touch our faces, and observe social distancing protocols, join us with a godly defiance, with the stubborn refusal to allow this virus to rob you of the hope, the peace, and the joy that belong to each of us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your concern, your prayers, and your support. If we don’t see you before, we’ll see you when this storm subsides.

Jeromey Martini, President