Latest update on COVID-19 from Horizon College & Seminary

There is not much new to report, but it’s good to keep you informed.

Our building is closed to the public, including our residential wing from our academic wing.

Classes are running smoothly online, and we’ve announced numerous online spring/summer courses you can take. See College Courses here and Seminary Courses here.

There are very few onsite staff. We will pick up deliveries and mail, observing social distancing protocols. We are running with a very streamlined staff right now so please connect with us by email:

Please be aware of multiple online scams taking advantage of people during this crisis. Horizon will never ask you to email your credit card information or Social Security number. Our online applications go through our learning management system. If you have any doubt about an email, don’t reply to it but email us directly.

Keep healthy – mentally, spiritually, AND physically.

Keep your hands washed, avoid touching your face, observe social distancing. Take a screen break. Get outside every day, even if just out your door! Talk to friends and family, and talk also to God. Keep occupied with healthy pursuits. We’re offering you even more courses to help with that one! 😉

We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon. This time WILL pass. Let’s pass this time well.

Bless you all,
Jeromey Martini, President


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