An important note for prospective and returning students:

With the world so crazily uncertain at this moment you may be wondering, “Will Horizon even be running in September?”

The answer is an emphatic “YES!!!”

Right now, we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of multiple new and returning students on campus this fall.
We’re ready with student housing as Nathan and Melanie Cressman of Cressman Realty have residences ready for students to move into. Contact if you’re interested!

And for those of you who can’t wait – or who want to get a head start – (we’re thinking especially those of you stuck at home without a summer job!), we’re preparing an array of online courses for you to begin taking this May at a significantly reduced tuition rate. Stay tuned!

And even in the unfortunate and, we hope, unlikely(!) circumstance that by September we are still not allowed to assemble in person, Horizon is fully prepared to start online and on time with our full course load in September, and to transition to face-to-face when we’re able to.

To sum up: We’re ready when you are! See you soon!

So how do you connect with us today?

Connect with us by email:

Normally, we’d love for you to call or drop in, but following provincial guidelines our building is currently closed. Email is the best way to connect for the time being!

Jeromey Martini, President