We’re all a little anxious in the midst of this COVID-19 storm. But please remember that is is a storm – a fierce and terrible storm, for sure! – but a storm all the same and it will pass. Right now we, along with the rest of the world, are forced to bunker-down and wait it out as best we can while preserving as much life, laughter, and normalcy as we can.

On March 19, all students who remained on campus completed the onsite portion of classes and most have moved out of residence. Horizon’s facility is now locked down to any outside visitors, including to those few remaining residents. From Monday, March 23 resident access to the facility will be limited only to the residential wing. The academic wing of the facility, including the North entrance, will be off-limits and inaccessible.

A limited group of staff remain on-site. The college will continue to receive deliveries while observing social-distancing protocols. Similar measures are being taken by other institutions across the province in an effort to abate this storm as quickly as possible. Access to the Saskatchewan Government’s Declaration of a State of Emergency and other news updates from the province can be found here.

Everyone please limit your contact with people, observe prescribed social distancing, wash your hands regularly (you probably can’t wash them too much), and avoid touching your face. If we all observe these protocols we will all be out of this unhappy situation much sooner.

We invite prospective students or others enquiring about the college to connect with us by email: info@horizon.edu. We are preparing for a good fall intake of students, and are also preparing a solid array of online courses to occupy new and returning students this summer. (Why not get ahead for next year?)

Hang on in braving this storm. It won’t last. And remember that even if you feel alone, we are all in this together.

With God’s blessing,
Jeromey Martini, President